How to Sharpen Sewing Pins

Sewing Pins Sharpening Instruction

Sewing pins are indispensable items in every tailor’s carriage. Nevertheless, with frequent application, they get blunt and inferior in performance. From this article, you will get information on how to sharpen sewing needles so that you are always ready for your next sewing project. We discussed in detail how to select the best sewing machine under $100. You can read it.

Why Sharpen Sewing Pins?

Before going into the process, we should know why sharpening sewing pins is essential. Dull needles often catch or rip out fabric, complicating sewing tasks and making them less accurate. Sharpening the pins not only prolongs your lifespan but also improves your sewing experience.

Materials Needed

To Sharpen Sewing Pins, you’ll need the following items:

  • Sewing pins
  • Steel wool, emery cloth
  • A piece of scrap
  • A soap bar or a side measure, respectively

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Wash Your Pins

Before you sharpen, double-check that your pins are clean. Dirt and rust can shorten pin lifespan. Wipe them off with a piece of steel wool or emery cloth, and they will become shiny.

Step 2: Get the Sharpening Tools Ready

After that, assemble your sharpening things. Ensure that the soap bar is dry. If you are using tailor’s chalk, make sure it’s not crumbly.

Step 3: Sharp Your Pins

tailor’s-should sharpen that’s. Insert each pin into the soap or chalk and pull it out. Repeat it a few times for every pin. The soap or chalk has a slight abrasive property, which further sharpens the pin.

Step 4: Try out Your Pins

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Sharpen your pins and test them on a scrap fabric after that. They should slide smoothly through the material without getting caught or dragged.

Maintaining Your Pins

Regular maintenance will keep your pins sharper for longer. Keep your pins in a dry, clean area at all times to prevent rust. Apart from that, think of buying a pin cushion filled with emery powder that will keep your pins sharp.

Methods of Sharping sewing pins

Emery Pincushion

A prevalent sharpening technique used to Sharpen Sewing Pins is probably an emery pincushion. An emery pincushion containing granular, fine abrasive particle shavings helps in burrs and dullness removal on the pins. Merely put the obscure pins in the emery pincushion and roll them gently to sharpen the ends. Repeat the process several times till the pins are sharp once more.

Steel Wool

A second technique of honing sewing needles is the use of steel wool. Using a small piece of steel wool, rub the steel wool lightly in a circular motion over the dull pins. The abrasive steel wool will take off all the rust, dirt, and dullness from the pins, and they will become sharp and ready to use. Make sure that the pins are wiped clean of any steel wool residue after sharpening.


There is a simple yet effective way to improve your sewing projects – that is by sharpening your sewing pins. You can do it better and quicker if you use sharp pins. Hence, don’t discard the old pins- point them instead.

Remember, safety does treat any sharp objects with caution so as not to get injured.

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Using this method of sharpening sewing pins, you can always have sharp pins in the required shape for your sewing purpose. Happy sewing!