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Manyata Tech Park is a software technology park in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is situated in Nagawara (near Hebbal) on Outer Ring Road and has a building area of 9.8 million square feet. The park is spread over 300 acres (1.2 km²).

Manyata Tech Park is one of the largest IT parks in India and is home to a number of multinational companies, including Cognizant, L Brands, Victoria’s Secret, Lowe’s, Cerner, Hudson’s Bay Company, Harman, Rolls-Royce, IBM,, Voonik, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Larsen & Toubro, NXP Semiconductors, Nokia Networks, Philips, Alcatel-Lucent, Fidelity Investments, Target Corporation, Qualitest, Northern Trust, Nvidia, iTS, WSP and AXA.

Manyata Tech Park is a well-connected area, with easy access to the Outer Ring Road, Hebbal Flyover, and Bangalore International Airport. It is also close to a number of residential areas, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.

Overview of Bangalore Manyata Tech Park

Location: Where Dreams Take Flight

Nestled strategically in the heart of Bangalore, Manyata Tech Park enjoys a spot that’s not just a stone’s throw away from the Kempegowda International Airport but practically a wink and a nod.

This means that whether you’re globe-trotting for business or eagerly awaiting Aunt Matilda’s visit, you’re conveniently covered. No flying brooms are needed!

Spaces: More Than Meets the Eye

Prepare to have your office space expectations lifted higher than a wizard’s hat! Manyata Tech Park boasts office spaces that are more spacious than a dragon’s hoard. With ergonomic designs that rival a knight’s armor for comfort, you’ll be charging into productivity with enthusiasm. Plus, the IT infrastructure is so advanced, it practically casts spells to ensure seamless operations.

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Amenities: Where Work Meets Play

Whoever said all work and no play clearly hasn’t visited Manyata Tech Park! Dive into a pool of possibilities at the fitness center, take a stroll through the verdant landscapes, or indulge your taste buds in a culinary adventure that could rival any magical banquet. Need a break from spellbinding code? Just step into the recreational areas and let your imagination roam free.

Green Magic: Sustaining the Future

At Manyata Tech Park, they don’t just embrace greenery; they practically tango with it. The park’s commitment to eco-friendliness would make even Mother Nature proud. From recycling efforts that could make a potion master envious to energy-saving initiatives that give the sun a run for its money, the park’s dedication to sustainability is as solid as a rock troll’s hide.

Networking: Where Connections Spark

Picture this: a diverse array of companies from different realms all converging in one place. That’s the enchanting reality of Manyata Tech Park’s collaborative ecosystem. It’s like a grand wizard’s council, where ideas are brewed, alliances are forged, and friendships are made.

Attend workshops and seminars that are practically akin to magical spells, enhancing your knowledge and expanding your network.

Manyata Tech Park Address

Manyata Tech Park

Embassy Manyata Business Park, located at Hebbal Outer Ring Rd, Manayata Tech Park, Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045, India.

Renowned Companies’ Offices in Bangalore’s Manyata Tech Park

Offices in Manyata Tech Park

Manyata Tech Park, nestled in the heart of Bangalore, has emerged as a magnetic hub for some of the world’s most illustrious companies spanning diverse realms of the technology sector. This dynamic enclave has become a haven for innovation and synergy, playing host to a tapestry of renowned enterprises that have chosen to establish their offices within its confines.

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Notable among these luminaries is L Brands, the creative force behind Victoria’s Secret, embodying the epitome of fashion and allure. Alongside, Lowe’s Cerner, with its pioneering strides in healthcare technology, and Harman, a harmonious symphony of audio and connected technologies, contribute to the park’s kaleidoscope of expertise.

As the sun gleams on the serene surface of the Manyata Lake, it also reflects the brilliance of companies like Rolls-Royce, IBM, and NVIDIA, each casting their distinctive hues of engineering excellence and computational prowess. The ever-watchful guardianship of financial innovation is embodied by Northern Trust and Fidelity Investments, while Cognizant and AXA champion transformative digital solutions.

The park’s bustling corridors reverberate with the collaborative spirit of companies like Qualitest, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and, who fine-tune their crafts of quality assurance, semiconductor fabrication, and digital accessibility, respectively.

Larsen & Toubro, NXP Semiconductors, and Nokia Networks interweave their technological dexterity into the park’s vibrant tapestry, while Hudson’s Bay Company, Alcatel-Lucent, and WSP contribute their diverse competencies to this symposium of brilliance.

Drawing the curtain on this eclectic stage is the resounding presence of Target Corporation, a beacon of retail innovation, and the illuminating ingenuity of Philips that lights the path to a brighter future. In this veritable constellation of excellence, Manyata Tech Park stands not only as a testament to human ingenuity but as a harbinger of a future where collaboration and innovation know no bounds.


As we bid adieu to this enchanting expedition through Manyata Tech Park, remember that this article is your very own Marauder’s Map to success. With a strategic location that’s practically a portkey to convenience, spaces that are as comfortable as Hagrid’s hugs, and an ecosystem that rivals the most harmonious elf choir, Manyata Tech Park is where innovation, productivity, and a sprinkle of magic collide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Hebbal from Manyata Tech Park Bangalore?

Distance from Hebbal to Manyata Tech Park is 3 KM approx.

Which is the most famous tech park in Bangalore?

The most renowned tech park in Bangalore is the “Manyata Tech Park.” It has gained widespread recognition for hosting a multitude of renowned companies and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

Who is the owner of Manyata Tech Park Bangalore?

Manyata Tech Park in Bangalore is owned by the “Embassy Group.” This real estate development company is known for creating and managing commercial, residential, and retail spaces across India.