5 Different Ways Of Consuming wild sea moss

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Wild sea moss gel might seem unappetizing; however, this superfood is extremely easy to incorporate into your diet. From jam to smoothies, to Ice cream it can be used in a variety of delicious culinary recipes. Make facial masks to increase your beauty. There are endless ways to enjoy the numerous advantages of this super-weapon for wellness.

It was originally used for centuries in The Caribbean and Ireland; the wild sea moss plant is now renowned worldwide for its health benefits. Increased immunity, improved digestion, and improved skin health are just a few advantages. It is possible to purchase a gel to make it easy to use or you can purchase fresh, and then create it yourself.

5 Different Ways Of Consuming It

1. Smoothies

They are the most convenient method to consume wild sea moss. Simply blend the gel by dropping it in around 2 tablespoons to get the optimal results. It can be mixed with any mixture of fruits and veggies you’d like since it has no flavor and can be paired with everything. Wild sea moss can be used to make a Lean Green or Classic Banana Smoothie. Or go crazy with Chocolate Raspberry moss Smoothie.

2. Gel Deserts

Because of its gel-like consistency moss is a great thickener. It is a great ingredient in desserts made of gelatin, puddinghams, desserts, and much more. Anything that needs some bounce could be enhanced by it.

3. Ice Cream

Enjoy your sweet tooth with an Ice cream made of moss! All you need is frozen bananas chopped into pieces as well as moss gel and any plant-based milk Blend all of it to create an all-vegan concoction that is scrumptious and tastes like normal ice cream. Make your frozen dessert with chocolate powder, strawberries, or any other flavor you’d like.

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4. Plain Or Chocolate Milk

Vegetarians as well as vegans are sure to appreciate the nutritious plant-based milk made. Blend the nuts you like best, such as cashews, brazil nuts, or walnuts using filtered water to make Nut Milk, then add wild sea moss gel in the mixer to help make it more delicious. 

You can also add cocoa powder to make plain milk chocolate delicious. You can also opt for the traditional way, and create the traditional Jamaican Irish Moss Drink. Also called the love potion the recipe makes use of non-dairy milk, cinnamon vanilla, and nutmeg to create a tasty hot drink.

5. Face Mask

Give yourself an indulgence in your facial by creating a wild sea moss facial mask yourself.It boosts collagen production which improves the skin’s elasticity and hydration. It is possible to benefit from eating it, however, you could also go straight to applying directly to the skin. To make a wild sea moss facial mask Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric with 2 tablespoons of it and apply it to your face. It’s as easy as that! Additionally, turmeric offers anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action and prevents your skin from getting irritated.

The Benefits Of wild sea moss

Let’s talk about the reasons you may consider incorporating the nutrient-rich seaweed in your beauty routine:

1. It’s Moisturizing.

When applied topically it has been proven to be a more effective humectant1 than hyaluronic acid which is one of the buzziest hydrators.

It, particularly, has moisturizing properties. It has significant levels of polysaccharides (called carrageenans) that serve as an agent of thickening that creates an occlusive, but not protective film on the skin.

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“Most of its benefits are attributed to its film-forming properties, making it ideal for moisturizers or serums,” claims clean cosmetic scientist Krupa Koestline, the founder of KKT Consultants. KKT Consultants. “Carrageenan is used to give products a thick and rich feel,” Bailey says. “It binds water and can help hold water to the skin.”

Some hair products (namely gels) include it in them too since it helps thicken formulas and seals hair with moisture, such as this styling Custard by Pattern.

2. It Is Anti-Inflammatory In Nature.

“It has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the high concentration of zinc and sulfur,” Rodney says. Rodney.

This is why it’s great for controlling dry skin and other skin issues.

It extracts can increase skin protection against UVB exposure, says Bailey because they can help fight free radicals on skin cells2.

In addition, those carrageenans that we talked about? Research suggests they may offer antibacterial properties3.

3. Protects The Barrier To Skin

As previously mentioned, it forms an emulsion on the skin. According to Koestline, the film is structurally identical to the skin’s protein.

“Because of this characteristic, the seaweed extract forms a protective seal over the epidermis,” she says.

It sounds very scientific This may sound like science, but keratin comprises the majority of your epidermis (aka the skin’s top part of the skin) that is responsible for eliminating aggressors.

4. Helps To Balance the Production Of Oil

As previously mentioned, wild sea moss is a source of sulfur and sulfur, which “also helps with oily skin as it can help with the overproduction of sebum,” Rodney says. Rodney. “Products with wild sea moss can bring a much-needed balance while moisturizing and protecting your skin.”

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5. Helps Maintain Healthy Skin

“Wild sea moss is non-comedogenic,” Rodney states, and also is rich in minerals that assist in maintaining a healthy complexion.

As we said at the top, it also contains antibacterial properties that could aid in protecting the health of your skin.