A Comprehensive Guide to International Tech Park Bangalore: Everything You Need to Know

The focal point of India’s IT achievement story, International Tech Park Bangalore (ITPB), has contributed to the growth of Whitefield as a significant IT hub in India’s Silicon Valley. ITPB, a 69-acre integrated development featuring a workspace, a shopping mall, a hotel, and various facilities, is only 18 km from the city center.

The International Tech Park Bengaluru (ITPB), located in India’s Silicon Valley, is the nation’s first integrated business park designed with work-live-play. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to International Tech Park Bangalore. So, let’s get started:

History and Background of International Tech Park Bangalore (ITPB)


The ITPB was proposed in 1992 to replicate Singapore’s high-quality infrastructure in India by the respective prime ministers of Singapore, Goh Chok Tong and PV Narasimha Rao. The Tata Group then teamed up with Singaporean businesses to undertake the project. Ascendas has been a primary partner in the Singaporean consortium that owns 47% of the ITPL and has been actively involved in the ITPB since its founding in 1996. 

The 47 percent ownership of the Tatas has now been added to that, with KIADB holding its six percent stake. Each of the buildings has been inaugurated in different capacities by President S. R. Nathan, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong, Former Governor of Karnataka T.N. Chaturvedi, and two former chief ministers of Karnataka, S.M. Krishna, and Praven.

The Park was the first work-live-play environment of its kind to be constructed in India, and it has since been used as a model for other IT Park-style projects in the whole country.

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International Tech Park bangalore, also known as ITPL or ITPB, is a technology park situated 18 kilometers from the city center in Whitefield, Bangalore. Ascendas run it. It consists of the Vivanta by Taj hotel, multiple sports arenas, and the 450,000 square foot Park Square Mall. 

Situated in the Whitefield cluster, it is Bengaluru’s oldest tech park. In January 1994, a joint venture between Singapore and India emerged. The Discoverer, Innovator, Creator, Explorer, Inventor, Navigator, Voyager, Aviator, Pioneer Maadar, Victor, and Anchor are among the ten buildings that comprise the expansive complex. 

How International Tech Park Bangalore Become India’s IT Success Story

The project covers a 72-acre estate in the Whitefield suburb of Bengaluru. It is a precursor to dedicated office space and is necessary to meet the expanding demands of the information technology and IT-enabled services sector. Effective work environments in the area are still created using the planning and design elements of the development as the standard. The broad spans offered by office floor plate layouts enable efficient open office workspace arrangements.

Offering multi-tenant office and manufacturing space, along with living and social spaces, all within a self-contained community setting, made the concept unique. With more than 14 acres of green space, ITPB’s growth has been guided by sustainable practices and environmentally friendly planning initiatives at every stage of its development. 

Top Eye-Catching Features of International Tech Park Bangalore

The top eye-catching features of International Tech Park Bangalore are given below:


Different zones are designated in the master plan for constructing multi-tenant office and production spaces. Build-to-suit accommodations (SEZ and non-SEZ), tourism and dining areas, accommodation, and additional infrastructure. The well-thought-out layout of the Park encourages interaction amongst its established zones while providing privacy and minimizing disruptions during later stages of development.

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Moreover, The design is characterized by simple shapes, with aluminum spandrel panels and reflective, unitized vision glazing positioned above granite at the base. The layout places a strong emphasis on a clean, precise arrangement of functional elements within a landscaped setting made up of paved courts and planted zones. This allows for adequate circulation while giving park visitors a sense of human scale at ground level.

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Welcoming Spaces and Lively Pathways

The multi-tenant office complex that serves as the focal point for ITPB’s expansion and development comprises mid-rise buildings arranged in clusters around arrival courts that have been landscaped and connected by pedestrian courts. 

A landscaped court circles the lower ground floor’s retail, recreational, and amenity areas. The lower ground floor’s landscape court serves as a gathering place for recurring recreation events planned for park visitors.

Agile spaces

The International Tech Park in Bengaluru stands out from its peers thanks to its foundational principles, which are used to plan effective floor plates that accommodate a variety of workspace layouts. These floor plates are backed by dependable mechanical, electrical, and communication infrastructure, as well as life safety systems.

Building placement and massing combine to create a unique skyline profile that is instantly recognizable and has given rise to an iconic image for the Park and the city. Currently, the Park is home to more than 130 businesses in the ITES, telecom, bio-informatics, and IT sectors.

Top Companies in International Tech Park Bangalore

The Discoverer, Innovator, Creator, Explorer, Inventor, Navigator, Voyager, Aviator, Pioneer Maadar, Victor, and Anchor are among the ten buildings that comprise the expansive complex. 

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IPsoft, General Motors, Société Générale, Mu Sigma, Xerox, Conduent, AT&T, Soais, Sharp, Scientific Games, Medtronic, iGATE, GE, Airtel, Moving Picture Company, TCS, Startek, Gyansys Infotech, Technicolor, Atos, Unisys, Delphi, Huawei, Oracle, Perot Systems, Applied Materials, GalaxE Solutions, First American Corporation, and other medium-sized and smaller businesses can find campus facilities in this Park. 

Other businesses outside of ITPB include Dell, Tesco, Shell, Aviva, GM, Schneider Electric, Sapient, Goodrich / UTC Aerospace, DaimlerChrysler, Symphony Teleca Corp, and Tangoe.


This is all in this Post. International Tech Park Bangalore is the gem in India’s IT success story. It is the home of many big multinational companies in the world. ITPB is equipped with 24-hour surveillance systems and ever-ready firefighters. It also offers ATM facilities by top banks of India and theatre, gym etc.

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