What to Consider Before Buying Live Edge Coffee Tables?

Contemporary furniture, especially live edge furniture, has become the go-to furniture for most people, given the kind of natural design that is embraced nowadays. A live edge coffee table is the perfect addition to your home and can serve as a centerpiece in the living room. However, there are some factors that you need to check before you buy the live edge coffee table. By the end of this guide, you will be able to make a wise decision and select the best live edge tables for your space.

How to Buy the Best Live Edge Tables

Material and Wood Type

The type of wood that is used to make the live edge table determines the looks, longevity, and cost of the table. Most of the live edge furniture is made from walnut, maple, oak, and cherry among others. Each type has its unique characteristics:

  • Walnut: Heavy, solid, and opulent with a smooth texture.
  • Maple: Has a smooth finish and light color. 
  • Oak: Heavy dense timber with a prominent grain. 
  • Cherry: A reddish-brown color that becomes darker as the wooden piece ages. 

If you are in the process of selecting your live edge wood coffee table, you want to select the color and grain pattern that will work well in your home decor. 

Size and Shape 

Live edge coffee tables can be of different dimensions and different forms as well. Before you decide on a table, it is wise to measure your space so that the table you choose will not be too large for the space and will also not be too small. Also, the height of the table about your seating needs to be considered. Since live edge tables have irregular shapes and have a natural edge, each table is a work of art, so consider whether you want a table with a more balanced or unbalanced look.

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Customization Options

Most of the artisans and furniture makers provide the clients with the option of customizing their new live edge tables. If, for some reason, you have special needs or you want something specific, it would be possible to order a custom kitchen table or coffee table. Search for “custom furniture near me” to get the contacts of local furniture makers who can design and build furniture of your choice. The option of customization lets you decide what kind of wood to use and what size, what kind of finish, and even what special features like resin inlays or metal inlays.

Finish and Maintenance

The finish on your live edge wood coffee table is for protection and to add to the beauty of the table. Common finishes include:

  • Oil: Gives the wood a rich look while at the same time making it appear smooth and not glossy. 
  • Polyurethane: They are long-lasting, have a glossy appearance to them, and will not scuff or stain when something spills on them. 
  • Wax: Looks more natural but needs a lot of attention to be given to it to keep it clean. 

Think how much you want to do in terms of maintenance and opt for a finish that you are comfortable with. It is advisable to clean the table often and possibly use the finish occasionally to keep the table looking as good as new. 

Budget Considerations 

Live edge dining tables can be as cheap as several hundred dollars or can cost thousands of dollars based on the type of wood, size, and workmanship. Make sure that you have a specifically limited budget for a particular garment and think about whether you need a costly product or something cheaper. Specially ordered items will be more expensive but there is the benefit of designing the piece from scratch. 

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Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing 

Since consumers have become conscious of the kind of products they use in their homes, it is crucial to know the kind of wood used in live edge tables. When selecting furniture, like a custom kitchen table, it is advisable to choose those that have been made from environmentally friendly woods and production. It also guarantees that there shall be minimal harm done to the environment while at the same time promoting responsible forestry


A live edge coffee table can be a truly stunning piece of furniture that at the same time is practical and beautiful. Thus, taking into account material, size, customization, finish, cost, and sustainability, you can select a piece that is ideal for your home. No matter, if you buy a table in a furniture store or order it from a carpenter, a live edge table, will add a natural and luxurious look to your home.