AMR Tech Park Bangalore; All You Need to Know About

AMR Tech Park Bangalore is one of most prominent and well-known IT hubs of India. Being a host to many technological and software related companies, it plays an important role in the economical uplift of the state and country. It has now become an important centre of business for the people of Bangalore as it provides a business platform for the companies and job opportunities for the common people. The role of this tech park in the growth of technology in this region is undeniable. This article will cover all the important details about the AMR Tech Park.

Historical Background of the AMR Tech Park

Being founded back in the early 2000s, the goal of this tech park was to provide a business-friendly environment, a good infrastructure and word-class facilities to the IT related companies of Bangalore. To meet the needs of the faster growing IT sector, AMR group established this tech park. Till now, it has become a home many technological companies of Bangalore. The dedication of the official park staff, companies and workers towards the growth of AMR Tech Park has made it a giant among other IT hubs of the region.

Location of the Park

At the busy city of Bangalore, the AMR Tech Park is located on the Hosur Road in Bommanahalli. This strategic location offers many advantages to the companies and professionals working out there as it is well connected to the other parts of Bangalore. On those beautifully constructed roads and through the means of public transport, one can easily visit other parts of Bangalore from the Hosur Road where this tech park is located. Restaurants, shopping malls, residential areas are nearly situated to the AMR Tech Park.

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Infrastructure and Facilities at AMR Tech Park

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The AMR Tech Park Bangalore is designed keeping in front the modern requirements of workers and the companies. The offices have vast working area and are beautifully constructed according to the modern needs. The whole park is built over an area of around 35200 square feet. Some other facilities at this park as listed below;

  •  A visitor parking facility is also provided at a distance of 200 meters where number of cars and bikes can be parked.
  •  An airport named as “Kempe Gowda International Airport” is also present at a distance of 45 km.
  • Public transport is also in reach from this park. A bus stand at a distance of 0.8 km is present near to this IT park.
  • Multiple restaurants are situated near to this hub.
  • Residential places such as hostels, apartments, on rent rooms are also available in the nearly surrounding areas where the professionals can live.
  • Good looking recreational spaces are also built there to provide a working-friendly environment to the professionals.

List of Companies Working at the AMR Tech Park

Here is a list of companies working at the AMR Tech Park Bangalore;

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  • Attra Infotech Pvt Ltd
  • Mind Teck
  • Dream Orbit Softech Pvt Ltd
  • DefMarco Software Private Limited
  • HL Klem Ove India Private Limited
  • Metric Stream
  • Veronex
  • Advice America Software Pvt Ltd
  • Pole To Win
  • Visionet Systems
  • 42 Gears Mobility Systems
  • Clustr
  • Quinnox
  • This list contains the names of some companies working at the AMR Tech Park. All these companies are related to software and technology.
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Founded by Prashant AMR back in early 2000s, the AMR Tech Park Bangalore is one of best IT parks of India. It provides a platform for the software related companies of Bangalore to operate and work. It plays an important role in boosting the economy and in the creation of job opportunities for the local people. Being a host to many software related companies, the park is beautifully designed and constructed according to the needs of companies out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the AMR Tech Park located?

Located at the bustling city of Bangalore (Known as Silicon Valley of India), the AMR Tech Park is situated on the Hosur Road in Bommanahalli.

How Many Companies are there in the AMR Tech Park Bangalore?

There are approximately more than 70 companies at the AMR Tech Park Bangalore. All of these companies are software and IT related.

How to Contact the Companies at AMR Tech Park?

Google the name of company you want to contact. The contact data of almost all the companies in AMR Tech Park is available on google. You can then call or mail them and have your message conveyed.

Who is the founder of AMR Tech Park Bangalore?

The owner and developer of the AMR Tech Park is Prashant AMR.

When was AMR Tech Park Bangalore founded?

The AMR Tech Park in Bangalore was founded back in the early 2000s with a purpose to meet the needs of growing number of companies in IT Sector