Skytech IT Park in Pampanga, Philippines

Skytech IT Park in Pampanga is one of most prominent and well-known IT hubs of Philippines. Being an office space provider to many IT related companies, it plays an important role in the economical uplift of the country. It has now become an important centre of business for the people of Pampanga as it provides a business platform for the companies and job opportunities for the common people. The role of this tech park in the growth of technology in Philippines cannot be denied. After reading this article, you will get to know all the important details about this IT Park.

Historical Background of the Skytech IT Park

It was established back in 2018. The goal of this tech park was to provide a business-friendly environment, a good infrastructure and word-class facilities to the IT related companies of Pampanga. Mabalacat Prime Land Realty Development Corporation formed this IT park to meet the needs of faster growing IT sector in Philippines. Till date, this IT park has become home to many technological companies of Pampanga City. High class amenities at this park make it a giant among other IT hubs of Philippines.

Location of Skytech IT Park

This 4.5 Hectare business park in Pampanga city is located in Mabalacat area which is a strategic location of the city. It is a busy and bustling area where frequent businesses are found. It is located near to the Clark International Airport. This park is few minutes away from the city centre. This park is easy to locate and visit as it is constructed along major road network of the city.

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Companies at the Skytech IT Park

There are several IT related companies being hosted at this IT park. A lot of companies are settling here with the passage of time. Some of well-settled companies in this hub are;

  • Skytech IT Park (own corporate office of this hub)
  • Uber Centre of Excellence (COE)
  • SG ECO Industries Inc.
  • Trust International Paper Corporation
  • Owens Asia, Inc
  • Ameritel BPO

Infrastructural Facilities of Skytech IT Park

The buildings are beautifully constructed based on modern designs. Green open spaces are provided to make sure a healthy and fresh environment. The office spaces are open and working friendly. Some of the cool facilities at the Skytech IT Park are written below;

  • A good water supply to every part of the hub.
  • Elevators are installed at few spots.
  • Air conditioning system is installed at the offices.
  • Power backup generators are installed to make sure a smooth working environment.
  • LED lighting system is done across the whole working areas.

Amenities of the Skytech IT Park

There are many advantages for a company being hosted in Skytech IT Park. Some of those advantages are

  • Non-stop Electricity is provided to the companies for 24/7 as backup generators are installed.
  • For parking the vehicles of employees and visitors, an enough area is specified,
  • The buildings are so constructed that are resistant to floods and other sewage issues.
  • All vital facilities like shopping, hospital, public transport stops etc are available within the reach of this park.


Founded back in 2018, the Skytech IT Park has become an important IT hub of the country within a short span of time. The reason behind this success is the top-class facilities provided to the companies here, the strategic location of the hub and the world class infrastructure of the buildings as described in this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Skytech IT Park?

You can mail the Skytech IT Park by mailing at or calling at +632 8244 2550. You can also fax them on +632 8244 4430.

What is the location of Skytech IT Park?

The location of Skytech IT Park is McArthur Highway, Brgy. Camachiles, Mabalacat City, Pampanga.

When was Skytech IT Park formed?

The Skytech IT Park was established back in 2018

Who established Skytech IT Park?

Mabalacat Prime Land Realty Development Corporation established this IT park to meet the needs of faster growing IT sector in Philippines.

What is the total area of Skytech IT Park?

The Skytech IT Park is constructed over an area of 4.5 hectares. It comprises of two main buildings (Building A and Building B).