Silver Spirit Tech Park Mysore

Location of Silver Spirit Tech Park

It is located the Mysore of the state Karnataka. The exact location is WAP factory road, Meena Kunte, Hebbal industrial estate, Hebbal. The distance from the city centre of Mysore to this tech park is around 8 km.

Area of the Park

This tech park spread over an area of 11 acres which consists of three big buildings, a cafeteria, playgrounds etc. 

Importance of its Location

There is a big importance of the silver spirit tech park due to its strategic location. It enables ease in transport, accessibility, connectivity to other regions which help in a rapid business growth of the companies working in the Silver Spirit Tech Park. Major city roads and public transport system has a strong connectivity to this IT hub. 

Infrastructure and other facilities of Silver Spirit Tech Park

The buildings and office spaces are built and designed according to the modern needs of the companies. There is a terrace area for hosting relevant events in the park. An enough area is specialized for the parking of cars and bikes. To ensure a safe working ecosystem, security personnel are on duty every time from day to night. Fast internet and electricity supply is provided to the companies and coworkers out there. A cafeteria having 300+ seaters capacity is available for meeting the food and drink needs of the workers. There is a committed team to look after these facilities and maintain it. 

Playgrounds and gymnasium in Silver Spirit Tech Park

A healthy and active person can handle his office work and other responsibilities in an efficient way as compared to an unhealthy person. To ensure a healthy lifestyle of the workers, Silver Spirit Tech Park Mysore provides fitness facilities like playgrounds and gymnasium. There is a cricket ground where proper cricket matches are played. A tennis court, badminton court and a multidimensional gymnasium are also provided. 

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Companies in Silver Spirit Tech Park Mysore

Various IT and software companies has been attracted by the well-developed infrastructure and modern facilities of Silver Spirit Tech Park Mysore. The total number of companies hosted in this tech park is six. The number of workers working for these companies is above 2200. The list of companies located here is given below

  • Silver Spirit Global (A manufacturing company)
  • Travancore Analytics (P) Ltd
  • Excel-Par Electronics Private Limited
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Tycoon Innovative Technology
  • Keynes Technology India Ltd

Economic Impact of Silver Spirit Tech Park

Being a largest IT hub of Mysore, Silver Spirit Tech Park has a great impact on its economy. The establishment of this IT park has played an important role in industrialization of Mysore.

An obvious increase in the value of the surrounding properties has been witnessed after the creation of Silver Spirit Tech Park in Mysore. Many jobs are provided to the residents of Mysore which has solved the issue of joblessness in the region to a great extent. Different knowledge sharing seminars are being arranged here on regular basis with an aim to improve the skill level of its workers.

Hence, the role of the Silver Spirit Tech Park in the growth of both local and national economy is undeniable. In this modern world of technology, the formation of such IT hubs has an important role in the uplift of a society and in the economic condition of a country.


The Silver Spirit Tech Park located in the Mysore city of Karnataka is one of the largest and smartest technology hubs of the city. Beautifully constructed buildings, well-maintained infrastructure, sports playing grounds, parking space, a cafeteria and other facilities make it one of the best IT parks across whole India. The formation of such IT hubs helps in the enhancement of the economic condition of any country. The role of Silver Spirit Tech Park along with other tech parks will be very crucial for the country in near future. The future will belong to those who will be on the top in the IT sector. 

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