Top five best boarding schools in Uttar Pradesh

The ultimate aim of all parents is to help their children reap academic success. They are constantly in search of the best schools for their children. We have listed the top 5 schools in Uttar Pradesh here to help with your search. We have also included boarding schools among them, along with the advantages of enrolling your children in boarding schools. 

Top five best schools in Uttar Pradesh:

Attending the best school prepares the child for college and their future life. Here are the top 5 schools in Uttar Pradesh that offer world-class education for children.

  1. Sharda World School:

This is one of the top boarding schools in India that offers a Gurukul style of education for modern children. In this school, the teachers, or Acharyas, mold the children by highlighting the importance of the five elements of nature. The school has its roots in ancient heritage and also prepares the children for the modern world.

  1. Army Public School

Founded on the values, morality, and ethos of India, the Army Public School is committed to civilizing its children and transforming them into distinguished scholars as well as sportsmen who will lead our nation toward prosperity.

  1. Lotus Valley International School

This is one of the top 5 schools in Uttar Pradesh. It is the goal of an institution to allow each and every child to achieve their highest potential. The institution, on the other hand, has the best facilities and infrastructure for world-class education among children.

  1. Amity International School

This is a top school in UP that follows the CBSE curriculum and is set up in a massive, picturesque setting. This institution has a very large, wonderful campus where all aspects required for the good development of children are found. Here, teachers ensure that pupils can showcase their talents, introduce new ways of doing things, and become future leaders.

  1. Delhi Public School
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This is one of the top five schools in Uttar Pradesh that aims to raise the bar of excellence through quality education. The school also strives to hone life skills, competencies, and lateral thinking among children. The aim of this school is to transform children into future-ready individuals. 

Why should you choose a boarding school in India for your child?

The primary aim of a school is to prepare the child for college and its future. Therefore, it is important that parents choose a school that offers comprehensive preparation for their children. Boarding schools in India offer the best benefits for the child, as it bolsters their growth in and outside the classroom. The benefits of co-educational boarding schools are as follows.

  • They create a dynamic learning environment for the children: Boarding schools in India create a dynamic learning environment for children and expose them to different learning and teaching methods. The class size is kept small, and the teachers motivate them to learn in an interactive and inclusive environment.
  • Social and emotional development of the child: The boarding schools in India encourage the students to co-exist among children from diverse geographic origins. Students develop healthy relationships as they collaborate and communicate with others, developing meaningful friendships.
  • Inclusive community: Co-educational boarding schools are diverse. They encourage children to collaborate in academic and social settings. Their interactions foster recognition and respect for each other. They also learn to resolve their conflicts positively and work harmoniously in groups. 
  • Extracurricular activities: The top 5 schools in Uttar Pradesh provide excellent academic training and also introduce the children to extracurricular activities. 
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How does a boarding school help children with their personal growth?

In a boarding school, children have access to different opportunities. Thus, they have the time to satisfy their curiosity and surprise themselves. These schools offer them the opportunity to try everything apart from academics, such as art, sports, etc. All these advantages help children with their personal growth.

Bottom Line:

Boarding schools are also among the top 5 schools in Uttar Pradesh. They render a lot of rich benefits for both the children and parents. They live in a flexible environment with tremendous learning support. These schools provide the child with immense opportunities. They pave the way for developing independent individuals who would contribute positively to society.