Noise Service Center Pune: All Necessary Information About It

In this modern world of technology, we cannot carry out our daily life activities without the use of electronic devices. Therefore, digital and electronic devices are of huge importance. As the usage of these devices has increased with the passage of time, the occurrence of technical faults in them has also become a big problem. Thus, we all need an authentic center in a city for the repair of such devices. In Pune, the Noise Service Center pune plays the role of providing solutions to errors in electronic devices. 

The Noise Service Center is known across the city for its deep understanding of software and hardware-related issues in electronic devices. The professionals working here are very well trained and they know the deep roots of all the errors and their solutions. The professional workers are very specific in their respective fields hence the devices of various types are repaired without any hurdle.

All about Noise Service Center Pune

Service Type

It is a global service. Multiple electronic products can be repaired here such as

  • Headphones
  • Smart Phones
  • PC and its accessories 
  • Laptops
  • Bluetooth Earphones
  • Noise Smart Watches
  • Wireless Earbuds
  • Speakers
  • Other audio devices 


It is located on JM Road Deccan Gymkhana of Pune. The exact location is office no 5, 1st-floor Dnyansmurti 699/A, Opposite Sitar Hotel Pula chi Wadi, Near Garware bridge, JM Road Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

Contact Information

You can contact the center through their email, phone number, or tele phone number which are given below

  • Email;
  • Phone Number; 088885112561
  • Tele Phone Number; 08862021481
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Office Timing

They work 8 hours in a business day. Their office is operational from 10 AM in the morning up to 6 PM in the evening.

Working Days

They work for six days a week from Monday to Saturday. Sunday used to be a rest day for its workers. 

Detail of all the services offered by Noise Service Centre in Pune

Services of Noise Service Centre include;

Repairment of Screen and Display

The screen is the delicate part of a smart device. Physical damage to a device can lead to the malfunctioning of its screen and display. The experienced and skilled workers of the Noise Service Centre are available for the repair and replacement of a damaged screen or display.

Replacement of Parts

There are many important parts in a device and a small issue with any of them can lead to the malfunctioning of the whole device. The solution to these small problems is available at the Noise Service Centre in Pune. The parts are easily repaired or replaced by the technical workers out there. 

Diagnosis of the Cause

Diagnosis is much more important than the solution and solving a problem without proper diagnosis is almost impossible. The workers of the Noise Service Centre are so experienced that they have the ability to do a thorough analysis and reach the deep root of the problems in a device. 

Replacement of Batteries of Various Devices

There must be a device with you that is working fine except for the battery, but you couldn’t find an alternative battery in the market. The solution to this problem is provided by the Noise Service Centre where batteries of multiple devices can be replaced and repaired. 

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Solving Software-Related Problems

Smart devices may face software-related issues more frequently. Apart from hardware-related issues, problems related to software are also solved at the Noise Service Centre in Pune. 

Repairment of Accessories

For using smart devices in an efficient way, multiple accessories are used. Just like devices, accessories can also come across errors. Some accessories like charging adapters, cables, earbuds, headphones, mic, and computer mouse are so expensive that replacing them with a new one can have a bad effect on your pocket. Instead of buying a new one, you can visit the Noise Service Center in Pune and get it repaired. 

Solution of Audio-Related Issues

If your device is having a problem with its audio, then the Noise Service Centre in Pune is the place to go. An instant solution to audio devices such as headphones, speakers, MP3 etc is also available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contact the Noise Service Centrer Pune?

For an inquiry, you can contact the Noise Service Centre in Pune by calling +91 88885125561 
(Mobile Number) or 8862021481 (Telephone Number). You can also mail them to 

What is the Location of Noise Service Centrer Pune?

The Noise Service Centre in Pune is located near the Garware Bridge, opposite to the JM road Deccan Gymkhana, Pune. The office is at shop no five on the 1st floor of the Dnya Smruti building. 

Can I get my Watch Repaired at the Noise Service Center Pune?

Yes, all types of watches including digital, smart, analog, etc. are easily repaired at the Noise Service Center in Pune.

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