Dr Swagat Todkar Hospital Pune Maharashtra 

Dr Swagat Todkar Sanjivani Hospital is a well-known and best ayurvedic hospital located in Pune. The establishment of this hospital has been proved beneficial for those patients of Pune who believe in the ayurvedic ways of treatment. Due to the quality of its products and the way of treatment, the hospital has gained popularity and fame in a very short time. In this article, we shall provide a brief report about Dr Swagat Todkar Hospital in Pune. 

Founder of the Hospital 

This hospital was founded by an ayurvedic doctor Swagat Todkar and has been established back in the year 2022. Dr Swagat Todkar is a well-qualified and an experienced ayurvedic doctor who treat his patients until their satisfaction. The name of Dr Swagat Todkar is on top among the best ayurvedic doctors in Pune. 

Location of the Dr Swagat Todkar Sanjivani Hospital 

The clinic of Dr Swagat Todkar Sanjivani Hospital is in the Kolhapur of Maharashtra. The exact location is new Mahadwar Road opposite to the Siddhala garden in Shivaji Peth A ward, C ward.  

Contact Information of the Hospital 

Patients usually cannot tolerate waiting for hours for their checkup. It is recommended to contact the staff before visiting the clinic. One can do advance booking as well as ask for other information about the hospital. There are few contact numbers of the staff which are listed below; 

  • 7066132299 
  • 7066021312 
  • 7875518151 
  • 9921577033 

Timing of the Dr Swagat Todkar Sanjivani Clinic 

Just like other government offices, this hospital is operational for eight hours a day. It opens at 9 AM in the morning and the patients are treated till 5 PM in the evening. The hospital remains open for six days a week from Monday to Saturday while the Sunday is off.  

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Fee structure of Dr Swagat Todkar 

The checkup fee of Dr Swagat Todkar is Rs 500 which seems little high as compared to other doctors but his dedicated attitude of treating the patients make up for this high fee.  

List of Treatments at the Dr Swagat Todkar Hospital Maharashtra 

Almost all diseases are treated according to the ayurvedic teachings in an efficient way. However, there are treatments of certain diseases which Dr Swagat Todkar Hospital is famous for across the whole Pune. The list of some of those diseases is given below; 


Diabetic patients are treated here by prescribing certain ayurvedic remedies and medicines.  


Arthritis and other pain radiating conditions like back pain, joints pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc are very well treated at this hospital. 

Skin Related Diseases 

Diseases which affect the skin is best treated though the ayurvedic ways of treatment.  

Stress and Anxiety 

Stress, anxiety and other problems related to mental health are recommended to be treated through ayurvedic ways.   

Digestive Problems 

Ayurvedic treatment is done for the problems related to the digestive tract, stomach and other digestive system at this hospital. 

Facilities at the Dr Swagat Todkar Hospital Pune 

The patients are treated here by the ayurvedic ways. Multiple ayurvedic medicines are produced at this hospital which are prescribed to its patients. These ayurvedic products of this hospital are also available in the markets out there. Their ways of treatment and the good behaviour of the working staff has satisfied many patients who prefer ayurvedic ways of treatment. There are many pros of ayurvedic treatment. Some of which are given below 

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A Natural Way 

Ayurvedic medicines and remedies consist of natural content. 

Affordable and cheaper Treatment 

Ayurvedic treatment can cost less as compared to other ways of treatment. 

Minimum Side Effects 

Some patients are so weak that they cannot tolerate those heavy medicines containing different chemicals. Such patients are prescribed ayurvedic treatment which has almost no side effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can we contact Dr Swagat Todkar Hospital? 

You can contact the Dr Swagat Todkar Clinic for advance booking and other queries by dialling the given contact numbers above in the article.    

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment? 

Ayurvedic treatment is a natural way of treatment with minimum chances of side effects.   

What is the Clinic Timing of Dr Swagat Todkar Hospital? 

The checkup at the clinic starts about 9 AM in the morning and is operational till 5 PM in the evening. The clinic is opened from Monday to Saturday while Sunday is an off day.