Logistics App Development – An Ultimate Guide For The Readers

With a fastly evolving world, where modernized technologies are creating an impact every other day, the transportation and logistics industry has grown to a splendid speed.

The impressive transformation which we have seen throughout the entire range is impeccable. Anyhow, a logistics app development company deals with all the queries related to logistics apps, and what features should be included in the application.

From the scope of requirements to the final implementation of the application, the entire team of app designers, and developers should always stick around the entire team to pen down the details, and give the team the best roadmap leading to success.

In this blog, you will learn a lot about logistics applications, how you can create one, what features should be there, and how much does it cost to build a relative application.

Sounds great?

Let’s get started then!

But wait, before we start listing the features, let’s discuss the statistics related to the logistics industry that would help you better understand the current standing of the firms.

Interesting Facts About Logistics Industry – Things Everyone Investing In It Should Know

You would be amazed to know that the entire logistics market isn’t just big, it’s a complete new world. It’s a multi-trillion dollar market with an estimated placing of US 10.41 trillion whereas, the opening act was even more than this.

By the end of 2028, it is expected that the logistics industry is projected to exceed 14.08 trillion US dollars which is huge.

Moreover, according to statista, the global logistics market size accounts for US 7.98 trillion by the end of 2022 whereas, it’s expected to be worth around USD 18.23 trillion by 2023 with a net worth of 10.7% from 2023 to 20230.

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However, the North America Logistics market was valued to be USD 1,971.87 billion in 2022, which is huge!

What do you think it will be in the coming years? Will it cross the old benchmark or be below it? Share your thoughts in the comments section, meanwhile, we start discussing the necessary features for the logistics application.

Must Have Features For Logistics Application – You Should Know

A logistics application must have the following features:

1.    Order Management –

The first feature for a logistics application is order management which gives the ability to create, manage and track orders from pickup to delivery.

This is the first and most important feature for a logistics application, and all the app developers should work on the enhancement of the functionalities to give a great experience.

2.    Route Optimization –

The second feature that should be included in the logistics application is route management, which is automated route planning that reduces fuel consumption, lower costs, and increases efficiency.

Route optimization features should be present in the application. Hence, a react native app development company should enhance the features, and use personalized yet high end cross platform technologies to build an interactive application.

3.    Real-time Tracking –

The third feature that should be there in the logistics application is real time tracking that includes the live updates on the shipment locations, enabling customers to stay informed.

4.    Delivery Scheduling –

The fourth feature that should be included in the delivery scheduling and rescheduling deliverives with ease. Even a tracking code is provided to the clients by which they can track the order, and get the recent updates.

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5.    Digital Proof of Delivery –

On the fifth, we have electronic signatures and photos as proof of successful deliveries. These features are must-have things for the application which needs to be created in the application.

6.    Notifications and Alerts –

The sixth feature that needs to be included in the logistics application is Notification and Alerts that give constant updates, and alerts for the customers, drivers, and logistics teams.

7.    Driver Management –

On the seventh, we have a driver management portal that allows the admin to assign, allocate, and keep a track of the drivers that are working on the shipments.

8.    Analytics and Reporting –

Next we have an analytics and reporting panel for the logistics application that enables the admin to show the whole week’s analytics like how many shipments were made, and were they delivered or not.

This portal helps a lot to maintain a track of the shipments for both the sellers and buyers. Hence, the app developer should always include the analytics and reporting feature within the application.

9.    Customer Portal –

Last, we have a customer portal that is secured access for customers, and track the orders, view the orders, and history for a seamless management.

This feature is a must-have for the logistics application,and one should always prefer to consult with the app developers to include this feature within the application.

10.Payment Integration –

Lastly, the logistics application should have payment method gateway like Paypal, and other online payments APIs into the application, and give customers a great experience.

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Sounds great?

You should always consult with an app developer in Chicago, and get the roadmap that leads to the perfect optimization of the application.

How much does logistics app development cost?

The average cost for logistics app development starts from $15,000 to $20,000 or more depending on the features of the application.

Moreover, if there is any API integration or any crucial thing, then the logistics application pricing would increase more and build a burden on the client.

Wrapping up – Hire your professional logistics app developers today!

And we are done for the day. We hope you enjoyed learning about the different features of the application, and assist clients with the on-going processes.

Whether you reside in Chicago, Houston, or any region within the US, all the app developers will help you build an innovative solution backed with high-end features and functionalities.

Always prefer to view the portfolio of the app developers, or app development firm that you’re planning to work for. If you still have some queries then, try to consult with the experts!