5 Benefits of Video Animation for Your Saas Business

If you’re in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, you know by now that standing out in this sector takes more than just a unique selling proposition and a perfectly designed website. And what better way to tip the scales in your favor than with animated videos?

Animations (not necessarily cartoon characters), are the perfect tool whenever you want to tell a good story. Their unrivaled ability to make abstract concepts tangible while promoting maximum attention and stirring the right emotions makes them perfect for a SaaS company that wants to demystify its services.

Here’s why you should leverage SaaS video animation:

1. Powerful in Simplifying Complex Concepts

One of the most common challenges for most SaaS companies is to explain their complex products to clients who, in the first place, don’t even know they need such products. Animated videos would come in pretty handy in such a situation since they break down intricate topics into simpler versions that are as engaging as they are easy to understand.

By explaining your product with SaaS video animations from a top-rated provider like The Sketch Effect, you can be sure to weave a compelling narrative that accentuates the essence and value of your products and services. You will also help users understand your products better so they can benefit as intended.

2. Creates an Authoritative Brand Personality

There’s no denying that the digital world is filled with challenges that make it difficult to capture people’s attention and come out as the go-to brand. Traditional text, though convincing, may never be enough to help your message stand out and keep people engaged for long in a world where videos have become the undisputed king.

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So, why not join the winning side and use animation to express the personality of your brand, while being as authoritative as it gets? The videos should be simple to understand but also synchronized with your brand’s personality to make them instantly recognizable to your target audience.

3. Boosts Conversion Rates

Animated videos are a game changer when it comes to lead generation and conversion. That’s typically the result of their ability to make the user experience more immersive and interactive. SaaS animation is a powerful tool for explaining a product or service clearly and engagingly so that passive website visitors intuitively turn into interested prospects.

In truth, research shows that 64% of website visitors grow their interest in purchasing a product or service after watching a video about it. This could be attributed to the ability of videos to foster a deep emotional connection with the audience.

4. Drives Social Media Engagement

There’s no denying that a majority of social media platforms are rife with static images and text posts. That’s why, for example, TikTok has a significantly larger number of users compared to Facebook or Instagram. As more internet users switch their taste to consuming more videos compared to images and text, it makes perfect sense for businesses to opt for animated videos.

These, unlike live-action videos, convey emotions perfectly, and if done creatively, will stand out and command greater attention. And that’s now where it ends. Such videos are more likely to attract higher sharing rates, comments, and likes, thus increasing your brand’s visibility.

5. Optimizes SEO Performance

You are not limited to publishing animated videos on social media platforms. You can also add them to your main website or eCommerce platform to increase the visibility of these sites.

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Since search engines favor video content, creating content that is highly informative and engaging will automatically increase your rankings.

Set a Course for These and More Benefits

Everything considered, animated videos offer plenty of benefits to SaaS companies and give them the golden opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition. Thanks to their versatility and immersiveness, they are a powerful tool for any business that wants to market and educate more effectively.

By teaming up with seasoned video animation experts like the team at The Sketch Effect, you can keep enjoying the benefits mentioned above, and then some!