Exploring Fatima Nagar Pune

Growing Asian cities – night view of Pune city in India during Diwali festival

Fatima Nagar in the southern part of Pune is a residential neighbourhood. With the passage of time, this hub has gained popularity and became an attractive residential hub of Maharashtra state. From just a residential neighbourhood to a centre of businesses, the Fatima Nagar has gone through a lot.

In this article, we shall cover each and everything about the residential amenities, socio-cultural life and economic landscape of Fatima Nagar.

History of Fatima Nagar, Pune

It was founded back in 1994 as a residential spot. Over the years, it has gone through transformation, and now it became an important hub for businesses, IT persons and property dealers. Along with residential amenities, many other facilities like educational institutes, hospitals, parks and playgrounds are now available here.


According to latest sources, the Population of Fatima Nagar Pune is 3902. This number of population includes the people of different ages. This is because, most of the area is residential where families are living. There are also professionals living here as it is a centre for multiple small businesses out there.

Residential Amenities

There are residential amenities in Fatima Nagar along with other essential services. The people are benefited with the presence of best nearby educational facilities. These educational facilities include schools, higher educational institutes, training and coaching centres.

Keeping in front the importance of human lives, healthcare facilities are provided in the shape of hospitals. Recreational areas are designed, which adds to the beauty of this hub. These recreational areas are used as playgrounds as well as parks for the kids to play.

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Infrastructure of Fatima Nagar, Pune

Being a popular residential hub for the working professionals, the infrastructure of this housing hub is designed according to the modern needs. The apartments are beautiful designed keeping in front the requirements of a modern house. The roads are designed in such a way that the connection of this hub with other areas is very smooth.

Economical Achievements of Fatima Nagar

The development of Fatima Nagar has played an important role in employment of the city. There are still ongoing projects at the locality which has created a lot of employment opportunities. Multiple small business owners are having their hustles at this commercial residential hub.

Hundreds of professionals are still having their jobs at Fatima Nagar due to the ongoing developing projects. There creation of employment opportunities along with other small businesses, the Fatima Nagar has played an integral part in boosting the economy of the state.

Transport Facilities at the Fatima Nagar

It is located in the heart of Pune. This strategic location connects it very well with other important sectors of Pune. There are transportation systems which connects the Fatima Nagar to the nearest residential areas, IT sectors and other important locations of the city.

Most of its residents are working professionals and they have jobs in nearby IT sectors. The residents are benefited with this transportation system and hence they have an easy access to other important sectors of the city.

Challenges Faced in the Development of Fatima Nagar, Pune

The Fatima Nagar has faced challenges in its earlier and developing phase. Just like other developing societies, there were problems like distracted traffic system, waste management problems, no access to the highways etc. These problems were solved with the help of experienced professionals. The current urban life also come across daily life problems which are solved by authorities of the Fatima Nagar.

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What is the location of Fatima Nagar Pune?

The Fatima Nagar is located in the southern-east part of Pune city which is a strategic location. There is a smooth connection between this residential hub and other important locations of the city.

How to Buy Property at the Fatima Nagar?

You can search for residential plots, rooms, houses and shops on the online marketplaces of India. The properties at this neighbourhood are regularly posted for selling purpose on online marketplaces and social media platforms.

What is the Population of Fatima Nagar Pune?

According to some sources, the total population of Fatima Nagar is around 4000. It includes people of different ages.

In which Country is Fatima Nagar Located?

Fatima Nagar is located in India. It is in the Pune city of Maharashtra state.