Choosing The Right Paint Colors For Your Home’s Exterior

Choosing the exterior color of a house is much more difficult than choosing a room color. You not only have to consider your preference but also your home’s style and the neighborhood because the wrong color can ruin the entire street’s look. But some tips can help you choose the right exterior color palette. Collaborate with Residential Painting Service in Toronto, ON, and follow these tips to choose the exterior color of your house that suits your style and surroundings.

Consider Your Architectural Aesthetics

Is your home a colonial, ranch style, or even a Victorian architecture? Getting familiar with the architectural style will help you select paint shades that blend with the overall look. Similarly, the exterior appearance of traditional homes may appear exceptional in the classic colors. It ranges from creamy whites to warm neutrals or earthy tones. 

Contrarily, ranch-style homes might be bewildering with bright, striking colors or gentle minimalist colors. The purpose is to highlight the architectural features of your home while still reflecting your style without appearing out of place in your neighborhood.

Take A Stroll Around Your Neighborhood

Stroll around your neighborhood and check out the neighboring houses, gardens, and natural elements. Notice those colors that are prevalent in the particular geographical area. Although you should have an identifiable style, your home must first look cohesive in its surrounding area. 

For instance, you may go for earthy tones if your neighborhood has lush greenery and natural landscapes, since these colors may blend right in with their surrounding. The balance between diversity and unity in your home’s landscape would improve your home’s curb appeal.

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Choose A Color That Compliments Your Home’s Fixtures

Before finalizing the color palette, you must examine the major parts of the residence, including the roof color, brickwork, or stone accents. These facets should form the basis of your home color scheme and hence guide paint selections. For example, for a roof that has a bold color, you can go for neutral or complementing colors for the siding that will maintain the visual balance. Balancing the already existing elements will allow you to get a harmonious appearance that will add everything together invisibly.

Don’t Proceed Without Testing

When you’re done with your sample considerations, it’s the right time to test the paint samples. Buy a quart of your chosen colors and apply them to different parts of your exterior. It must include a side door, mailbox, and garage gate. Be sure to check them in bright sunlight and shade, to observe how the colors change. Moreover, take your time until you come across that right shade that always looks good in every situation.

Choose According To The Weather

The climate where you reside will affect your paint very strongly, including its durability and quality of performance. Are you experiencing hot and humid, cold and snowy, or other climatic characteristics? There are certain colors and paints with forms, which can be good in some climates and not so in other climates. For instance, the darker color can be helpful in the regions that are cooler since the dark colors absorb the warmth of the sun.

In hot and sunny regions this may increase energy bills due to the air conditioners’ workload and the paint fading process. The use of high-performance and weatherproof paints will help ensure that your house exterior looks attractive and is protected all the time.

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Keep An Eye Out For The Latest Exterior Color

Although classic exteriors never run out of Fashion Statement, take your cue from new color palette trends to give your home a contemporary appearance. Stay on the top by following publications, home décor magazines, and social media for recent popular colors.

Calming pastel to vibrant jewel tones you have many choices to try. Nevertheless, cautiously look over trends and check if they meet your preferences and the style of your home. Trends don’t last while the exterior of your house is a long-term investment. So, pick a color that you will love looking at for years to come.

Contact Professional Painters To Seek Advice

To decide on the color and material for your home, seek advice from professional painters. They know which color will be suitable for the aesthetics of your home and the local weather. Residential Painting Service in Toronto, ON can save you from double expenses. Invest in colors that provide you with long-term benefits all at once. If you want to know more about home painting services please visit here for related post.


When the exterior color options are endless, it becomes even more difficult to choose one. However, through some clever tips, you can select the perfect color for your home. This color isn’t just for a small wall but for the entire house. So, choose a color that enhances the beauty of your home and reflects your style. With expert help, this task becomes even easier. So, seek out the best professional painters in your area and give your home a fresh look.