Enhance Your Home Value: Refacing Cabinet Options in Mississauga

Whether you’re planning a minor update or a major renovation, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is how to handle your cabinets. Consider your alternatives for kitchen cabinet refacing if you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen but don’t want to spend a fortune on new cabinets. What is kitchen Cabinet Refacing Mississauga? How can you determine whether your cabinets are a suitable fit for it? How much can it raise the value of your house? Everything you require is provided here.

What Is The Added Value Of Refacing Cabinets?

Refacing your old cabinets is a smart update that increases market value when you’re getting ready to sell your house. It may completely change your current cabinets. The cost of cabinet refacing is far lower than that of complete replacement, making it an affordable choice. You may update the cabinet door fronts, shelves, and hardware in your kitchen for up to 75% less money than you would if you were to buy new cabinet doors entirely. Refaced cabinets enable you to recover approximately 80% of project expenses through the enhanced value of your property upon resale, so this small investment goes a long way. Refacing offers consumers the quick aesthetic appeal and usefulness they need at a fraction of the cost of bespoke cabinets. 

Tips for Selecting Durable Materials to Increase the Value of Your Home

  • Durability: For your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, choose sturdy, long-lasting materials like plywood or hardwood, since they will last longer and be more appealing to discriminating consumers.
  • Timeless: Select traditional hues and finishes that work well with a variety of design styles and can easily adapt to shifting fashions.
  • Cohesion: Make sure the hardware, finishes, and materials you choose go well with other components in your kitchen and provide a unified look.
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Benefits Of Cabinet Refacing

Minimal Interruptions

The current cabinet structure is maintained during cabinet refacing. It implies that much of your kitchen is still useful and unaltered. By using this method, the considerable demolition and construction work associated with replacing all of the cabinets is avoided. Consequently, there will be little effect on your everyday life at home.

Adaptable Design Choices

With refacing, homeowners may pick from a variety of cabinet types, colors, and finishes. Because of its adaptability, the kitchen’s look may be changed to suit changing fashions in design or individual tastes.

Adaptable Enhancements

Homeowners may give their cabinets new features in addition to refacing. They may include new handles, soft-close hinges, or pull-out shelves. These minor upgrades can significantly enhance the functionality of your kitchen.

Steps Of Kitchen Refacing

  • Consultation: Together, we will ascertain your requirements and preferences while enlightening you about your available choices. We will guide you through every step of the process, helping you make big and minor choices that will culminate in a stunning outcome.
  • Preparation: To keep your house secure and free from stains or damage, our crew will first cover and drape the project location. Other than clearing the counters, emptying the cupboards and drawers, and directing traffic to your kitchen, you don’t need to sweep.
  • Cleaning & Patching: Present drawer fronts and doors are taken out for cleaning and patching. Then, to make sure that the cabinet boxes are free of impurities like oil or wax that might hinder the color or stain from sticking, we apply a special cleaning solution. Furthermore, we will fill in and fix any dents or scratches on the cabinet boxes.
  • Priming: Your cabinets will be primed with a primer made specifically for cabinets before a fresh paint color is applied. Using a primer can assist in guaranteeing that the paint color you’ve chosen will adhere properly in the end. It also produces a better, more even appearance and stops bleed-through.
  • Color Application: Using a color match method, we will match the authorized sample to the completed work to apply the paint or stain color of your choice. We usually finish cabinet doors and drawer fronts at our off-site workroom. To upgrade the cabinet boxes at your house, we’ll employ the identical method.
  • Protective Finish: Next, we seal and cure cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and boxes using our Lightspeed Nano clear protective finish.
  • Installation: Your new doors and drawer fronts will arrive at your house painted, finished, and prepared for installation when the color application process is accomplished. After that, we may install whatever knobs or cabinet pulls you choose.
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Cabinet refacing offers a practical and cost-effective way to update your kitchen. In comparison to a complete cabinet replacement, it saves a substantial amount of money and time. It also contributes to increasing the value of your home while allowing for functional upgrades and maintaining your kitchen’s layout.