Bagmane Tech Park Bangalore

Bagmane Tech Park is an IT park located in Bangalore. It is a home to many IT startups and companies of Bangalore. Built over an area of 42 acres, it comprises of ten big buildings which serve as office spaces for the companies working in this IT Park. It is located in the Bagmane Laurel, Krishnappa Garden area of C V Raman Nagar. The location makes it easily accessible from the residential areas of Bangalore. It is located near to the HAL Airport which adds to the importance of its strategic location. Local transport system is available for the workers at this IT Park.

In this article, we shall dive into the details about the Bagmane Tech Park.

Contact Information

If you have a company which you want to be operated from this tech park or if you have any other which you want to be operated from this tech park or if you have any other which you want to be operated from this tech park or if you have any other query regarding this IT Park, you can call them by dialling 080 4032 999. You can also write a mail to them at

Establishment of the Bagmane Tech Park

This tech park was established and developed back in 1998 by the Bagmane group. The Bagmane group itself was founded in 1996 by Raja Bagmane, just two years before the establishment of Bagmane Tech Park. Since 1996, the Bagmane Group is involved in the development of business IT parks across the whole Bangalore. Till now, several IT hubs are established and run by the Bagmane Group.

Encroachment Issue of the Bagmane IT Park

Back in September 2022, a severe flood broke out in Bangalore. Due to that flood, the Bagmane Tech Park and many other buildups undergone BBPM Scanner. As a result, the Bagmane group was found guilty, and the result showed an encroachment of 2.5 meters on a flood water drain.

After undergoing two surveys, the bagmane group accepted their encroachment. They said that they had encroached just to put some slabs on the drains and save the tech park from flooding.

After surveys, the court declared demolition of the encroached areas. As a result, the slabs of this tech Park were removed from the drainage system. The result of the surveys showed that around 700 different builder’s encroachment on the flood water drains was the reason of that massive flood in Bangalore. As per the court order, the constructed sites on the drains were demolished by the BBPM.

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Facilities Provided at the Bagmane Tech Park

Transport Facilities

A good transport system is operational from the city to the tech park which facilitate the workers of Bagmane Tech Park. Lifts are also installed within the park.


Beautifully constructed and well-maintained buildings make this tech park one of the best across Bangalore. The office spaces are beautifully constructed which makes it working friendly.

Security System

To make sure that everything is safe and sound, a 24-7 security system is implemented at this tech park. CCTV cameras are installed to keep an eye on everything and recognize anything suspicious.

Residential Areas

The Bagmane Tech Park Bangalore is nearly located to the residential areas of the city. This strategic location facilitates the workers of the tech park.

Recreational Places

Recreational places such as gardens, playgrounds, parks etc are provided to the staff working at this IT Park. Such places are important for ensuring a healthy lifestyle of the people.

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Companies at the Bagmane Tech Park

Many companies operate from the Bagmane Tech Park. Here is the list of some important companies;


A social network application where one can search and apply for the jobs relevant to his/her career. It is the fourth office of LinkedIn in India.


It is an IT company founded back in 1976. It offers products and services related to software.


It is another IT related company. It offers solutions to the software related problems. They also make and launch digital products.

Hot star

It is an online video streaming platform which has a paid subscription. It mostly covers the sports like cricket and football.


It is a vehicle manufacturing company based in Sweden. It manufactures big vehicles like trucks and buses. It also makes some equipment related to construction.


It is a US based manufacturing company. It mainly makes shoes and some sports related equipment.


It is one of the largest tech companies. It makes computers, laptops and other software related products.

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It is another computer technology corporation which provides services and products related to software and hardware.

Alstom Transport

Alstom is known worldwide for its brilliant transportation services. Metros, rails, buses and the infrastructure related to them are some of the services offered by the Alstom.

Boeing India pvt. Ltd.

Boeing is an important partner of Indian aerospace. This collaboration with the Boeing has helped the Indian forces in many aspects.


Cypress is an electronic products manufacturing company. The products of this company are used for multiple purposes e.g., in telecommunications, computers and other related instruments.

Techno Tree

It is a telecommunications service providing company. It is based in n Espoo, Finland and was founded back in 1978.

CME Group

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is a company which provide platform for the trading of futures and options.

CommVault System

It is a company that makes applications which provide solutions related to data managing, storage, recovering, compiling etc.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Network is the developer and designer of the products related to networking technology.


Based in America, the Motorola company is the manufacturer of electronic products. It mainly produces android running smartphones.


HSBC is a banking and financial service providing company. It operates globally.


Owned by Permira, the Informatica is a data managing company.


Price Waterhouse Coopers is a multinational company. It helps individuals and companies filing the taxes etc.

Sap Concur

Sap Concur is a solution to your expense management e.g., the expense of a business tour.

The Impact of Bagmane Tech Park on the Economy

There is always a visible impact of tech parks on both regional and national economies. It helps in the creation of job opportunities which solve the issue of joblessness up to a great extent.

Challenges Faced by the Bagmane Tech Park

Startups always face challenges at the initial stage. The startup which goes through the challenging phase with ease, becomes successful. Recently, one of the biggest challenges faced by the Bagmane Tech Park was the encroachment issue which was solved later by the decision of the court. The administration of the Bagmane Park showed a professional behaviour throughout this issue and accepted the order of court.

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Best Residential Areas Near the Bagmane Tech Park

Indira Nagar

Named after former prime minister, it is a top residential area near the Bagmane Tech Park of Bangalore. It is just 2 km away from this IT park.


About 3 km away from Bagmane Tech Park, Domlur is a township area which consist of houses, plots, shopping malls and much more.

Jeevan Bima Nagar

It is a residential area about 1.8 km away from the Bagmane Tech Park. It was mainly built for the residence of employees working in the surrounding business parks.


It is about 2.5 km away from the Bagmane Park. It is a good residential area having apartments best for living.


Bagmane Tech Park is a business tech park of Bangalore. It hosts many famous and well-known IT related companies. It offers top class facilities like parking slots, security system, recreational areas, well maintained office spaces to the hosted companies. The park had easily handled the encroachment issue without any violation. The significant effect of this tech park in the economy of both the Bangalore and whole country is undeniable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of Bagmane Tech Park in Bangalore?

The Bagmane Tech Park is located in the Bagmane Laurel, Krishnappa Garden area of C V Raman Nagar.

How to find the best residential place near the Bagman Tech Park?

If you have any meeting scheduled at the Bagmane Tech Park or if you have got any job there, you should search online about the top residential places in the surroundings of Bagmane park.

How many companies are there in the Bagmane Tech Park Bangalore?

There are around 25 famous and well-known companies located at the Bagmane Tech Park. Some famous among them are Nike, LinkedIn, Motorola etc.

What happened to the Bagmane Tech Park after the Encroachment issue?

On the account of encroachment issue, the court decided that the drainage system should be cleared at any cost. As a result, the slabs were removed from the drainage pipes by the Bagmane park.

Where is the office of Nike in Bangalore?

Nike is a sportswear manufacturing firm which mainly produces footwears. The office of Nike in Bangalore is located in the Bagmane Tech Park.