Why Armed Security Guards Are Important for Apartment Complexes

You know those horrific video clips captured on surveillance cameras, where criminals brazenly smash car windows and attack hapless victims?

Most of those have one thing in common: no security guards present.

Hiring armed security guards to patrol your apartment complex is one of the best things you can do to ensure your property doesn’t get featured in one of those viral CCTV video clips. Plus, there are a slew of other benefits to having that level of protection in place.

Here we take a look at why hiring armed security guards is a no-brainer when it comes to safeguarding your apartment complex.

Armed Security Guards Help Deter Crime

There are many different types of criminals with all sorts of approaches to crime. You’ve got the opportunists—those who see something in the moment and take advantage, and then there are those who stalk the property—spend some time watching and observing patterns before they strike.

Most—unless they are acting out due to mental instability or they’re under the influence of drugs—choose to act when there’s no one around.

An armed security guard is a huge deterrent because they’re not just a witness; they’re trained to actively prevent instances of robbery and assault. Point being, they’re not just going to stand by and let it happen.

During patrol, security guards are able to suss out suspicious activity, and either address it or report it to prevent potential crimes.

A study of the criminal perspective when it comes to committing crime found that over 40% of offenders are deterred when they see robust security measures in place.

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Hiring an armed security guard to protect the property is the best way to prevent crime from occurring.

Armed Security Guards are Highly Trained for All Sorts of Scenarios

California has very strict gun laws, and requires thorough comprehensive background checks, licensing, and training for anyone intending to carry a firearm.

Hiring an armed security guard through a reputable agency means you’re getting someone well-versed in dealing with a myriad of scenarios. From providing CPR to confronting criminal behavior, a professional who knows their job well and reverts to the appropriate training when dealing with the dynamic aspects of their job, provides an extra level of protection you don’t get anywhere else.

Security Cameras Aren’t Enough of a Deterrent Anymore

While security cameras are still a valuable onsite asset, they simply aren’t enough of a hindrance. With a hoodie and a mask concealing identity, criminals are able to get away with robbery and assault because they’re still virtually unidentifiable.

Having security cameras and an armed security guard on premises changes that.  

Armed Security Guards Help with Rapid Response

If a fire breaks out at 2am, you bet the security guard is going to notice and contact the appropriate resources and rouse apartment residents who are still fast asleep, completely unaware of the danger.

In fact, security guards act swiftly if there’s any emergency. An armed security guard will contact law enforcement right away, and do their best to mitigate the situation until the authorities arrive on scene.

They can also assist in medical emergencies, helping render CPR or whatever the situation requires until medics arrive.

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Armed Security Guards Can Help Enforce Apartment Complex Rules

From noise ordinances to onsite parking, armed security guards provide the boots on the ground insight into making sure the rules are adhered to and upheld by both tenants and their guests.

Onsite security guards are a potential deterrent for tenants who engage in criminal behavior. An apartment with a revolving door of people coming and going at all hours of the day and night is mighty suspicious, and people who sell drugs are more inclined to choose to live in a place that doesn’t have that level of monitored protection.

Hiring Armed Security Guards Can Save You Money

From paying for onsite damage such as smashed windows or copper wire theft, to tenants leaving and finding another place to rent because they simply don’t feel safe. 

Armed security guards help save money.

Armed Security Guards Provides Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is invaluable, and knowing that there’s someone watching over the property keeping tenants and their belongings safe is a huge asset. It’s an extra incentive that not all apartment complexes offer, especially with smash and grabs, car theft, and instances of violent crime being on the rise in California.

From the single woman who works the odd shift and gets home from work at 2:00 am to the elderly person who may need assistance if they fall in the parking lot. There’s something comforting in knowing that there’s someone there, ready to help if the situation calls for it.


Unfortunately, crime isn’t going anywhere. Thankfully, there are things you can do to lessen the chances of it happening on your property. By hiring an armed security guard you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken a colossal step in keeping the tenants and the property safe.