Tips for Preparing for the Discseel Procedure

You can’t enjoy life if you have back discomfort. It becomes difficult to engage in your favorite hobbies when you cannot move freely. Disc issues, including degenerative disc disease, might cause this discomfort. However, an excellent back pain doctor can suggest Discseel procedure as an alternative to invasive surgery. A top pain specialist will inject a natural material into your injured disc to mend it from the inside out, guided by fluoroscopy and a small needle. Although it takes some time to function correctly, it’s safer than surgery. If you’ve decided to try the Discseel Procedure, here are some tips to help you prepare adequately:

Request a Consultation

One of the first things to do when considering any procedure is to consult your specialist. You will meet with your Discseel® Physician face-to-face at your in-person appointment. You can discuss any previous testing, procedures, injections, or even surgeries if you have had them. After your examination, you can ask your doctor as many questions as you wish. It is a great chance to get thorough answers to any queries you may have had that previous doctors haven’t satisfactorily clarified. Getting aid is essential when your symptoms interfere with your sleep or activities.

Maintain hydration

Ensure you stay hydrated in the 48 hours following your Regenerative surgery. Your body will withstand any surgery far better if you are well-hydrated. While staying hydrated, it is crucial to ensure you don’t overdo it, such as when you need to use the bathroom frequently or during the procedure.

Dress appropriately for the procedure

Wear cozy, loose-fitting attire on the day of the injection. It eliminates your need to undress to access the desired spine region easily. It’s best to wear loose workout or lounge attire. Steer clear of drawstrings containing metal grommet holes, buttons, belt buckles, and zippers, as these thick items obstruct the view of your spine on an X-ray. Jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and tongue studs, should be left at home if you want to get an injection in the neck. Likewise, your doctor will request you remove your spectacles and other removable dental appliances before the neck injection. Wear shoes during the procedure to provide grip while standing on the floor after everything is done.

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Have someone to drive you home

Although you might not feel numbness in your legs or feet, the numbing medication administered during your spine treatment might slow down how quickly you react when you pedal. Because of this, you need to have someone drive you home following your injection, and you shouldn’t get behind the wheel of your car for at least four hours. Your safety and the well-being of other motorists on the road are the reasons behind this regulation. In addition, please allocate an hour for yourself and your chauffeur for the check-in and check-out processes. It will cover all necessary stages, including the assessment and monitoring phase following the injection.

If you decide against having surgery, your pain management physician can use this non-invasive method. Even if a previous spinal operation failed or if you have spine surgery but are still in pain, the Discseel technique can help. If you pursue this procedure, ensure you prepare well to avoid unnecessary complications.