The Most Sought-After Professions in Dubai

      A prestigious job in Dubai is a pipe dream for foreigners who do not speak English at the domestic level. About 6 million people from different countries work in the tourist center of the UAE, and each nationality has its own sphere of activity. Jobs in 2024 can be found in local organizations.

      The most in-demand professions in Dubai are:

      • Animators, bartenders, waiters, hostesses (for girls).
      • Cooks and pastry chefs.
      • Managers and consultants.
      • Parking lot attendants and administrators.
      • Fitness instructors.

      Qualified specialists could find employment in hospitals, and banks or get a job as an engineer. It is more difficult to get a job as a teacher or university lecturer.

      Without knowledge of the language, you can get a job in entertainment during the tourist season. Invite dance groups, circus performers, artists, and humorists. The most effective and efficient way to find a job is to use job search sites such as, which will help you quickly find a profession according to your requirements.


      The minimum rate in Dubai is not limited. But even foreigners with low qualifications less than 400-500 $ per month are not paid. This is the average salary of low-level service personnel in Dubai. Medical insurance, transportation to the place of work and meals are traditionally paid by employers.

      Drivers and waiters receive $600 a month and are tipped. Salary of sales managers – from 1500 $, increases with the growth of sales of goods and services. Employees of the entertainment genre on average receive 1000-1700 $.

      Specialists who have been trained receive (in $):

      1. From 1700 – stewards.
      2. From 2300 – engineers.
      3. From 1500 – IT specialists.
      4. From 5000 – programmers.
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      Advantages of working in the UAE:

      • High level of social protection for migrant workers.
      • Provision of a social package.
      • Simplified registration.
      • You do not have to leave the country to extend your residency status.
      • Even after dismissal, has a chance of landing another job within 3 months.
      • Paid sick leave.
      • You do not have to pay taxes on profits.
      • Gaining experience and useful connections.

      Working in the UAE even seasonally can quickly improve their financial situation and save for an apartment. There is almost no need to spend money on earnings – room and meals are paid for by the host company.

      Where to look for job offers

      The easiest, most reliable, and legal way to get a job is to choose a company and send your resume with a photo. The description of opportunities should be in English only. If the managers are interested, they’ll call you to invite you for an online interview. Contact is also made via the Internet. All that remains is to issue a visa based on the submitted documents and wait for the call. There are other ways to find a job with knowledge of English.

      Through websites

      In this case, you need to get your resume ready and find out what salary you can count on. It is undesirable to use unofficial sites – there is a high risk of encountering fraudsters. Immediately need to specify the conditions under which you are ready to work.

      The most popular sites, with which you’ll be able to find a job in Dubai on your own:

      1. Emiratesgroupcareers – associated with airlines.
      2. Efinancialcareers – for those with a legal background.
      3. Stackoverflow – for IT workers.
      4. is a site for finding jobs in a variety of fields.
      5. Rigzone – offers for workers in the oil and gas industry.
      6. Jobs4medical and Catererglobal – jobs for medical professionals.
      7. Careers – jobs in education.
      8. – for job seekers with a specific specialty.
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      On the spot

      In the UAE, foreigners are more often offered jobs in the service sector. But it is possible to get a job as a doctor, in a company specializing in computers, in the oil industry, if you have the appropriate education, high qualifications, and excellent command of English.

      In this case, you can come to the country as a tourist, find a suitable place, talk to the employer in person, and discuss the conditions. During this time it is possible to learn the nuances to be encountered and appreciate the benefits of UAE life.

      Often there are situations when a job seeker, when choosing a vacancy through an agency or website, is offered, for example, the position of an administrator. And when a person arrives at the invitation, it turns out that he or she will have to work as a cleaner or a maid. And there’s nothing you can do about it- the commission has been paid, the contract has been signed. If the contract is broken, you will have to pay a large fine. If you find a job in person, the risk of finding yourself in such a situation is extremely low.

      Through an agency

      If you contact a company specializing in the selection of vacancies in Dubai, then sites for job search on your own will not have to look through. Managers first offer several options from which you can choose a suitable one, and then help you prepare the necessary documents: arrange a visa, book tickets, and reserve accommodation.

      Often firms offering work in the UAE for foreigners act directly, taking into account the requirements of specific employers. The latter provides meals and medical insurance.

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      Requirements for foreign workers

      1. In addition to the basic conditions, employers may impose additional conditions. Those seeking high salaries will need to prove their qualifications by passing a specialized exam.
      2. Preference is given to the following candidates:
      3. To take a managerial position, the age should be at least 35 years, for service staff – no more than 30 years.
      4. The more languages you know, the higher your chances of landing a post. It is obligatory to speak English at the level of everyday communication. In the future, they offer to take language courses and tighten up their knowledge. The company sometimes pays for such classes on its own.
      5. Attractive appearance. For anyone who has to come into contact with tourists and residents. Applicants may be rejected if they have a tattoo in a visible place. In this case, the penalty for breach of contract is paid by the company.
      6. Availability of an invitation to enter the country.
      7. The minimum period for the conclusion of the contract is 1 year.

      The head of the company or the administrator who hires you can register you for an internship. This service is often used by students. The salary is lower, but it is easy to get the necessary skills for 1 season, for example, in hotel management.