Teletech IT Park; A Business Park in Singapore

It is an IT Park of Singapore which has been designed for hosting multiple telecommunications and other IT related companies.

Location of Teletech IT Park

It is located in science Park 2. The exact location of the park is 20 Science Park Rd, Singapore Science Park 2, Singapore.

Importance of its Location

There is a big importance of the Teletech IT Park due to its strategic location. It enables an easy connectivity to other areas of the city which help the companies working in the Teletech IT Park ensuring a stable growth in their business. Major city roads and public transport system is also in the near range of this tech park.

Infrastructure and other facilities Teletech IT Park

The buildings and office areas are constructed and designed according to the modern needs of the IT companies. Some of the other facilities provided here are listed below;

  • An enough place is specialized for the parking of cars and bikes.
  • Security team is on duty every time to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Fast internet and electricity supply is provided to the companies and its employees out there.
  • Cafe shops are here to meet the needs of food and drinks of the people.
  • A committed team is there to look after the park and its maintenance.

Companies in Teletech IT Park Singapore

Various IT and software companies has been attracted by the well-developed infrastructure and modern facilities of Teletech IT Park. Some of the tech related and other companies in this tech park are

  • Goodwood Ship
  • Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co Ltd
  • Chemo Power Technology Pte Ltd
  • ETP Group Headquarters Singapore
  • F&K Delvotec Bond Technik Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Yuu Pay Secure Pte Ltd
  • IBD Technology Pte Ltd
  • ZKTeco Singapore
  • Global Scp Medical Systems Pte Ltd
  • CavAsia Pte Ltd
  • KuCoin
  • Zecotek Photonics Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Tool Centre
  • Illusion X
  • Au-System Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Ardtro
  • Lga Telecom Pte Ltd
  • Evergreen Inc
  • Intouch Wireless Services Pte Ltd
  • Institute For Communications Research
  • Bio-Tek Singapore
  • Acoustic & Environmental Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Energy Nova Pte Ltd
  • Orbotech Singapore Corporation Pte Ltd
  • 365 Your Everyday Food
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Economic Impact of Teletech IT Park on Singapore

Being an important IT hub of Singapore, Teletech IT Park has a great impact on its economy. The establishment of this IT park has played an important role in hosting IT related companies of the region. An obvious increase in the value of the surrounding properties has been witnessed after the creation of Teletech IT Park in the Science Park 2. Many jobs are provided to the people of the country which has solved the issue of joblessness in the region up to a great extent. Hence, the role of the Teletech IT Park in the growth of national economy is undeniable. In this modern world of technology, the formation of such IT hubs will have a positive impact on the economy of the country and in solving the issue of joblessness.


The Teletech IT Park located in the Science Park 2 of Singapore is one of the largest and smartest technology hubs of the country. Beautifully constructed office spaces, well-maintained buildings, parking areas, food and drinks shops and other facilities make it one of the best IT parks across whole Singapore. The creation of such IT hubs helps in the improvement of the economic condition of any country. The role of Teletech IT Park along with other tech parks will be very crucial for the country in near future. The future will belong to those countries who will have a good IT industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions about Teletech IT Park on internet and the answers to them are given here;

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What is the Location of Teletech IT Park?

The location of the Teletech IT Park is 20 Science Park Rd, Singapore Science Park 2, Singapore.

Who designed the Teletech IT Park?

The Teletech IT Park was designed by Kenzo Tange.

How many Companies are There in Teletech IT Park?

The total number of companies (IT related companies and other) is approximately 65.

How to Contact the Teletech IT Park Singapore?

You can contact this Teletech IT Park by dialling +65 6508 8666