Take the Fast Lane to the Cloud with Oracle Managed Cloud Services

The challenging aspect of using Cloud-based platforms that businesses usually encounter has to do with who and what department in the business is going to handle the Cloud implementation and management. These are exactly the reasons why Oracle Managed Cloud Services would be beneficial. Oracle offers its customers an assortment of managed Cloud services for public, private, hybrid and other environments with the aim of relocating and efficiency of the workloads. In this article, we will focus on the principal benefits of running on the Oracle Managed Cloud Services platform.   

What are Oracle Managed Cloud Services?

Businesses may install public, private, and hybrid Clouds under management with Oracle Managed Cloud Services. This involves assisting businesses with the migration of their current workloads and the development of brand-new Cloud-native apps. With these completely managed services, Oracle takes care of Cloud environment deployment, administration, automation, and optimization.  

Some of the top Oracle Managed Cloud Services include:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) – Fully managed public Cloud with IaaS and PaaS services.
  • Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer – Managed private Cloud deployed at your data center.
  • Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer – Managed Exadata service in your data center.
  • Oracle Hybrid Cloud – Unified managed service across public and on-prem environments.

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration

One major benefit of Oracle Managed Cloud is getting your workloads migrated faster. The professionals assist in evaluating your current setup and offer advice on rewriting or moving software for the Cloud. This speeds up the process of deploying private, hybrid, and multi-cloud systems as well as your transition to the public Cloud.

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Optimize Cloud Cost and Performance

Oracle manages and optimizes your Cloud resources for optimal cost and performance. This includes right-sizing infrastructure, utilizing autoscaling, choosing appropriate storage tiers, and applying discounts. Oracle also handles Cloud expense management and provides detailed cost reporting.

Obtain Enterprise-Grade Managed Security

With Oracle Managed Security Services, you get comprehensive Cloud security including managed firewalls, data encryption, identity management, and security monitoring. Oracle also handles compliance management across regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR.

Leverage Oracle’s Cloud Expertise

Oracle has deep Cloud expertise from running its own global Cloud deployments. By using Oracle Managed Cloud Services, you gain access to the same practices and talent that Oracle uses to run Critical cloud operations. This includes Cloud architects, developers, security experts, and solution engineers.

Get High-Performance Infrastructure

The underlying infrastructure for Oracle’s Managed Cloud includes high-performance compute, storage, and networking. This includes Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud with integrated AI/ML capabilities, autonomous services, and security. You benefit from Oracle’s continued investment and innovation in Cloud infrastructure.


With Oracle Managed Cloud Services, organizations can accelerate Cloud adoption and optimize performance, security, and spending. By leveraging Oracle’s expertise, technologies, and scale, companies can focus on business priorities and innovation rather than Cloud operations. Overall, Oracle Managed Cloud allows you to take the fast lane to realizing the full benefits of the Cloud. 

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