Sambhav IT Park; All About Sambhav IT Park in Mumbai

Sambhav IT Park in Mumbai is one of the best business IT parks in India. Built over an area of 70000 sq. Ft, the Sambhav IT Park is rated as one of the best in the region. It is also one of the modern IT parks in Mumbai as it was inaugurated back in 2012. The creation of this IT park brought an innovation in the business parks of Mumbai. After going through this article, you will get to know everything about the Sambhav IT Park i.e., its location, facilities, amenities and companies operating in this park etc.

Location of Sambhav IT Park

The Sambhav business IT park is in the capital city of Maharashtra state, Mumbai. It is located in the MIDC colony. The exact location of this IT Park is MIDC Colony, Raheja Gardens, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra. Almost all the necessary amenities such as restaurants, hotels, food Courts, Dhabas etc are nearby located to this tech park.

Facilities at the Sambhav Business Tech Park

Multiple facilities are provided to the professionals and companies working at this tech park such as;

Nearest Hotel

There is 4-star hotel named as Fortune Park Lake City which is 4 km away from this IT park. Other hotels are also available near to this IT park.

Office Spaces

Open and wide working friendly office spaces are provided to the companies working here.

Transport Facilities

Thane Railway Station is just 3 km away from this tech park which the visitors and employees can use while going out and into the tech park. There is also a bus stand (Aplab Bus Stand) which is just 200 meters away from this park.

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Internal Parking Facility

There is an internal and visitors parking area for the workers of this IT Park where all the vehicles can be parked.

Refreshment Facilities

Recreational areas are also provided within the tech park with a purpose to make the environment fresh and working friendly.

Nearby Airports

This IT Park is located near to both the international and domestic airport of Mumbai city. The distance up to the nearest international airport is 20 km while that to the domestic airport is 25 km.

Companies at the Sambhav IT Park

There are around 110 different tech related companies and startups currently operating from this business IT Park. Some of the companies are mentioned here,

  • Dusane Infotech India Pvt Ltd
  • Magnolid Tech Pvt Ltd
  • Webian Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • IDZ Digital Pvt Ltd
  • Zentech Info Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Dure Technologies
  • BiCXO – Business Intelligence Software Company
  • Aplab Limited
  • VACS Technology Pt. Ltd.
  • Digital Data Automation Pvt Ltd
  • Eisenmann India Pvt Ltd
  • Jaydeep Group
  • V Mark Automation & Manufacturing Company
  • Ashida Electronics Pvt Ltd
  • ATMS Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • CNP Pumps India Pvt Ltd
  • Lechler India Private Limited
  • STERP Software Pvt Ltd
  • Cresco Mobility Solutions
  • Motion Technique (India) Pvt Ltd
  • VIVAN Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
  • Techno Soft King Company
  • Geep Industries India Pvt Ltd
  • RA Tech Engineering LLP
  • Lahs Green India Pvt Ltd
  • QbD Research and Development Lab
  • Chemtech Industrial Valves Limited
  • TIGI Industries India Pvt Ltd
  • Hella Infra Market Pvt Ltd
  • Oriana Business Park
  • Ashar IT Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Based upon some observations, some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Sambhav IT Park are answered here;

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What Does the Sambhav IT Park Do?

The Sambhav IT Park is a host to different tech related companies of the Mumbai city.

What is the Total Area of Sambhav Tech Park?

The Sambhav IT Park is constructed over an area of 70000 sq. Ft.

When was the Sambhav IT Park founded?

It is also one of the modern IT parks in Mumbai as it was inaugurated back in 2012.

How Many Companies are there in Sambhav IT Park?

There are around one hundred and ten (110) IT related companies and startups currently operating at the Sambhav IT Park.

Is There Any Hotel Near to the Sambhav IT Park?

There is 4-star hotel named as Fortune Park Lake City which is 4 km away from this IT park. You can also find other nearby residential places by searching on google.