Redington India Ltd A Leading IT and Telecom Distributor

A well-known IT and telecom distributor in India, Redington India Ltd was founded in 1993. The business has expanded quickly over the years and is now present in more than 26 nations on five continents. In this article, we’ll examine Redington India Ltd’s background, products, and services, as well as how the company came to be India’s top distributor of IT and telecom products.

History of Redington India Ltd

Ajit Singh Chatha established Redington India Ltd in 1993 as a distributor of computer hardware. It began as a modest company but has expanded to become one of India’s biggest distributors of IT and telecom products. Redington India Ltd was appointed the only distributor of Hewlett-Packard (HP) goods in India in 1995. The company’s access to one of the greatest brands in the IT sector thanks to this alliance was a game-changer.

Redington India Ltd global presence

Redington Ltd has a strong global presence and operates in more than 26 countries worldwide. The company’s international business contributes significantly to its revenue and growth. Redington India Ltd has established partnerships with leading technology brands such as HP, Lenovo, Apple, and Cisco, which has helped the company expand its reach and customer base. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Redington Ltd continues to build its presence in new markets while maintaining its position as a leading IT and telecom distributor in India.

Products and Services

Distributors Redington India Ltd offer a broad selection of IT and telecom goods from well-known manufacturers including HP, Lenovo, Apple, Cisco, and Microsoft. The company’s product line consists of desktop computers, servers, printers, and networking hardware. Additionally, Redington offers its clients value-added services including installation, upkeep, and training.

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Redington Ltd distributes smartphones and other mobile devices in addition to IT products from renowned manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. With the development of its own online platform,, the company has also lately joined the e-commerce market. Electronics, household appliances, and clothing are just a few of the many product categories available on the platform.

IT and Telecom Distribution

In India and other nations, Redington Ltd has a sizable network of partners and resellers. The company is a one-stop shop for all technology-related goods and services because to its significant presence in both the telecom and IT sectors. Redington India Ltd has a committed group of experts who collaborate closely with partners and clients to offer the finest assistance and solutions.

The company’s emphasis on innovation and client satisfaction can be credited with contributing to its success in the IT and telecom distribution sector. To stay ahead of the competition, Redington India is always seeking for methods to enhance its goods and services. The business also makes significant investments in its workers, offering them training and development opportunities to make sure they have the abilities necessary to offer the finest customer service.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Redington India Ltd is committed to giving back to society and has implemented various CSR initiatives to support the communities it operates in. The company’s CSR initiatives are centred on environmental sustainability, healthcare, and education. The Redington Foundation, established by Redington India Ltd, aims to better the lives of poor children in India.

Since its founding in 1993, Redington India Ltd has made significant advancements. One of the top IT and telecom distributors in India is a result of the company’s emphasis on innovation, customer happiness, and CSR. Redington India Ltd is a dependable partner for companies looking to incorporate technology into their operations because to its broad product portfolio, robust partner network, and dedication to quality. Redington India Ltd is well-positioned to maintain its growth trajectory and establish itself as a major force in the Indian technology market as a result of its recent entry into the e-commerce sector.