From Beginner to Node.js Ninja: Top courses to learn Node.js

For a long while now, whenever there is a conversation about coding or front-end web development, JavaScript is the name everyone mentions. The domination and demand of JavaScript are still there today, staying unchanged. There are major players around the world who have opted for the utilization of JavaScript to deliver out-of-the-park results and offerings. 

Very recently, JavaScript has also embarked on a venture into cross-platform development. And it is something that made it much more compelling for the organizations.

Among these distinct frameworks of JavaScript, one thing that stood out of the competition is Node.js.

It is indeed a special mention as it has risen above them all. It went to the backend development. Doing that gave yet another reason to the developers to choose backend development over the other options. For any aspirant looking to enter the field, a good early step would be to proceed with an all-rounded free node JS course

In this blog, we will look at the top courses to learn Node.js.

What is Node.js?

Node.js uses a runtime environment that utilizes the V8 JavaScript of Chrome. The technology was initially presented in 2009. Back then, it was instantly recognized as the greatest single product of JavaScript today. 

If we are speaking statistically, in the past 4 years only, Node js has become very famous in developing applications for startups. Even the community has declared it as a worldwide leader for frameworks. It is majorly utilized for backend development, and its prominence is expected to grow.

Node js has gained prominence as it is used as a server-side proxy that may deal with many concurrent connection requests in a frequent way. It is specifically valuable for proxy ingredients with a number of benefits with various reaction times or gathering data from several sources points.

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Reasons to use Node.js as Backend Development

Following are some of the reasons to use Node js as a backend development:

  • NPM

Node.js is one of the handful of programming languages that offer a very powerful and rich package ecosystem. The NPM, known as Node Package Manager, is set up automatically. 

It is a package that contains thousands of solutions and libraries that are utilized by Node developers in applications. The introduction of NPM incredibly enhanced the prominence and usage of Node js. 

The Node developers do not need to look here and there for solutions and libraries. Everything is available in NPM.

  • One language for client-side and server-side

We all know that JavaScript is the language that is used for development on the client side, rather than learning a completely new language for server-side development with Node. Js by your side, you may utilize JavaScript in the backend as well. 

Therefore, you are getting both with Node.js. Before the introduction of this, the developers had to learn JavaScript for the development of the client side, and they had to learn Java for the development of the server side. However, the Node.js changed all this. The same language can now be used for the front end and for the back end.

  • Prominence

According to the coding community, Node.js has been voted to be at the top of the list for frameworks, tools, and libraries. 

JavaScript was initially voted to be at the top place. And since Node.js is JavaScript, it is definitely worth learning a massively popular language.

  • Microservice development
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Microservices are a vital part of the backend. It can be complicated and complex to build microservices if the language that is being used is not that suitable. Node.js is known to be a very good option for building microservices. Being scalable and lightweight, it is exactly what you need for Microservices architecture.

  • Good with other databases

A backend is definitely not finished without a database. You would be pleased to know that Node.js sublimely works with distinct databases. You may use Node.js with SQL databases like MySQL, and it works perfectly with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB. 

  • Big support from the community

As we have mentioned multiple times, JavaScript is basically Node.js. JavaScript has been in the market for a very long time now. Ever since its inception in the mid-90s, the popularity of JavaScript has only increased.

Fast forward to today, it is a famous programming language that dominates the web community. All these years, the community has become one of the largest groups in the world.

  • MERN and MEAN stacks

MERN & MEAN stacks are two famous full-stack development software stacks. The front-end technologies of these stacks are AngularJS/Angular and React.js. Anyone who is familiar with these terms understands how popular both of these web frameworks are. 

The front-end market is dominated by React and Angular. Then the database technology of these stacks is MongoDB. Node.js is also a big part of MEAN & MENR stacks. 

Node.js Certification by Simplilearn

The Node.js training by Simpliearn allows you to develop network applications efficiently and quickly using JavaScript. The Node.js certification training course is developed to assist developers in building and understanding web applications with the assistance of JavaScript.

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The Node.js certification course lets you gain an in-depth knowledge of concepts such as NPM, Express.js, NPM Vet, and many others. The Node.js training helps you learn crucial concepts of Node.js and offers hands-on experience in building an HTTP server. 

If you are interested in learning Node.js from scratch, you can check this video tutorial out

🔥 Node JS Full Course 2023 | Learn Node JS in 6 Hours | Node JS For Beginners | Simplilearn

Wrapping up

As of right now, Node.js is gaining immense traction for website app development in addition to other fields. However, it has the abilities that have grown further as the backend developers have various uses for the framework. 

For every aspirant out there, it is vital that you have exposure to Node.js.