Combining StarTrack Label and Direct Thermal Labels for Smooth Shipping

Shipping labels is not just a label with little information. In fact, it is a clear and efficient solution for every e-commerce business delivering thousands of unique products. However, when it comes to choosing a shipping label, the importance of finding reliable, durable, and cost-effective labels is still a question to answer.

One effective solution and answer to all these questions running in your minds is to combine StarTrack labels with direct thermal printing labels.

This blog will be your in-depth guide on the importance of running an efficient shipping process, stating why to use StarTrack and Direct thermal labels, and lastly, how to effortlessly use these two labels into your shipping process to achieve the best supply chain management process.

Importance of Efficient Shipping Processes in Business

Efficient shipping processes are more about reaching higher customer satisfaction levels. When customers receive their orders on time and in good condition, they are more likely to repeat their purchases and recommend your business to others. This is when using efficient shipping labels is crucial to increase customer loyalty and sales.

Moreover, shipping labels, from a standalone point of businesses, are helpful to identify and track large stocks of products. With barcodes and tracking numbers on these labels, businesses can track the package until it lands on the customer’s doorstep. This efficiency also enables your business to handle higher order volumes without an increase in labour costs, making your business more scalable.

Overview of StarTrack Labels and Direct Thermal Labels

StarTrack is one of the leading logistics companies in Australia that supplies efficient and robust shipping labels to many businesses. These labels contain all the information such as sender and recipient address and contact details, barcodes, tracking numbers, service type, weight, description, and other safety guidelines to handle the product well.

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One of the best things about having StarTrack labels is that their labels are durable and effective for both small and large businesses. This means that they can efficiently handle large volumes of labelling requirements for your business, along with other specialised logistic needs.

What Makes StarTrack Labels Set Apart from Other Brands?

1.     High-Quality Barcodes for Accurate Tracking:

The barcodes on StarTrack labels are easily scannable due to its high-resolution printing, appropriate spacing, sizing, and clarity. These qualities in a label ensure that warehouse managers, suppliers, or other personnel involved in the shipping process can track packages throughout the shipping process.

2.     Integration with StarTrack’s Comprehensive Logistics Services:

Choosing StarTrack labels also allows you to work with their other logistics services for tracking and delivery solutions.

3.     Customisable Options to Fit Specific Business Needs:

Businesses can customise StarTrack labels to include additional information or branding elements, making them suitable for various shipping requirements.

Use Cases in Various Industries

1.     E-commerce Businesses for Order Fulfilment:

E-commerce companies rely on StarTrack labels to ensure that their products reach customers quickly and reliably.

2.     Retailers for Supply Chain Management:

Retail businesses use StarTrack labels to manage their supply chains, track inventory, and ensure timely delivery to stores or customers.

3.     Manufacturers for Distributing Products:

Manufacturers use StarTrack labels to ship products to distributors, wholesalers, and retailers efficiently.

What Are Direct Thermal Labels?

Direct thermal labels, on the other hand, are a type of label that uses heat-sensitive paper to produce images or text. When the thermal print head in the printer heats the paper, it turns black, and creates a print. Direct Thermal is a printing method that eliminates the need for ink, toner, or ribbons, making it a cost-effective and maintenance-friendly option.

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Advantages Over Other Label Types

1.     No Use of Ink, Toner, or Ribbon:

Direct thermal labels are more economical than other label types because they do not require additional printing supplies.

2.     Simple to Maintain with Fewer Supplies:

With no ink or toner to replace, direct thermal printers require less maintenance, saving time and reducing operational downtime.

3.     Durable for Short-term Use:

They are suitable for many applications and are durable enough for short-term environmental conditions.

Common Applications

1.     Shipping Labels for Logistics and Delivery Services:

Direct thermal labels are widely used for shipping and delivery due to their durability and clear print quality.

2.     Inventory Labels for Warehouses and Storage Facilities:

Warehouses use direct thermal labels for inventory management, ensuring that products are easily identifiable and trackable.

3.     Retail Price Tags and Shelf Labels:

Retailers use direct thermal labels for pricing and product information on shelves, providing customers with clear and readable labels.

Benefits of Combining StarTrack Labels with Direct Thermal Labels

●      Reduced Printing Costs by Using Thermal Technology:

Direct thermal printing eliminates the need for costly ink, toner, and ribbons, reducing overall printing expenses.

●      Savings on Maintenance and Consumables:

With fewer consumables to replace and less maintenance required, businesses can save on operational costs and reduce downtime.

●      Streamlined Workflow Integration:

Combining StarTrack labels with direct thermal printing can streamline the shipping workflow, reducing the time and effort required to prepare shipments.

●      High-Quality, Readable Barcodes:

Direct thermal printing produces clear and durable barcodes, ensuring accurate scanning and tracking.

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●      Reliable Tracking with StarTrack’s System:

StarTrack’s tracking system provides real-time updates, allowing businesses to monitor shipments and address any issues promptly.

●      Less Waste Compared to Traditional Printing Methods:

Direct thermal printing produces less waste as it does not require disposable ink or toner cartridges.

●      Eco-Friendly Label Options:

Many direct thermal labels are made from recyclable materials, further reducing the environmental impact.

Final Words

Combining StarTrack labels with direct thermal labels is a powerful strategy for optimising your shipping process. This integration can lead to significant cost savings, enhanced productivity, and improved accuracy in your shipping operations. We have explored the benefits of both StarTrack’s comprehensive logistics services and the efficiency of direct thermal printing; your business can achieve a more efficient and sustainable shipping process.

Implementing these solutions will not only enhance your operational efficiency but also boost customer satisfaction, paving the way for business growth and success. Choose Dial A Label today.