Buy VPS with Crypto: Complete Guide

In this digital world, where technology is advancing rapidly, the need for protected and secure hosting solutions is becoming more important. So, one modern solution getting fame in the online world is the ability to buy VPSs with crypto. This mode of payment gives the users various advantages, from high level security to international access. 

In this post, you will know everything concerning purchasing VPS with crypto currencies and step-by-step guidance.

What is meant by a VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the most reliable option for those companies that require more control and power with flexibility than shared hosting. Yet, with VPS hosting, you have entire access over your system. Thus, it allows you to manage and control your server based on your customized demands. This is generally beneficial for heavy traffic websites and applications which need optimal performance.

Why deploy Crypto currency for VPS Hosting?

Both Crypto currency, and Bitcoin, has gained a worth in the digital world. Hence, it has changed the mode of online transactions. In addition, this mode of online transaction has changed the problems of currency problems as it is a secure and recognized method. People are using crypto currencies at large scale, and its popularity has spread into diverse sectors, including VPS hosting.

Pros of Buying VPS with Crypto:

There are a lot of advantages to buy VPS with crypto, so these are as follows: 

  • Financial seclusion and security:

Crypto currency transactions allow one to hide one’s financial status. However, unlike other traditional payment modes, which require credit card numbers or bank details, crypto currency payments don’t need such information.

  • Flexibility:

With a wide variety of crypto currencies accessible, you have the flexibility to select a currency that is favorable for you.

  • Speed and availability:
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Crypto currency transactions are computerized almost immediately with marginal fees. Additionally, there are no geographical border restrictions. Thus, it becomes easy for businesses and people globally to buy VPS with crypto.

How do you opt for a perfect VPS Provider?

Almost all VPS providers deliver hosting services with Bitcoin, but all are not equal in service availability. The following points will guide you for the selection of a provider: 

  • Best Performance and reliability:

The provider should deliver high-performing servers with top-notch hardware to assure the accelerated speed and higher uptime.

  • Adaptable System:

Make a selection of a provider that gives the best adaptable system. In addition, it allows you to choose the features and resources that meet your requirements.

  • Day and night Customer Support:

An accountable VPS provider must have a dedicated customer support team that is ready to handle 24/7 to guide with every question or problem.

  • Pocket-friendly Budget:

Look for a provider that gives the economical pricing structure and flexible payment modes, inclusive of buying VPS hosting.

Detailed guidance to Buy VPS with Crypto:

Using crypto currency to pay for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) has grown in popularity. Further, this provides a high degree of security and safety for users while transacting online.

Using the spontaneous web interface, selecting your desired VPS plan provides your payment information and all billing details. Additionally, you can produce a statement with an unmatched wallet address and a small payment amount by choosing crypto currency as the payment method. The VPS provider will forward your order once you initiate the transaction from your crypto currency wallet. Also, it has been verified on the block chain. They will then give you the information you need for your VPS. You can easily take advantage of crypto currency benefits and enjoy a secure VPS hosting experience with VPS providers if you follow this complete guide.

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Choosing a Best VPS program:

The very first step is to visit the hosting provider’s website and learn about their VPS packages. Then, search for the best package that satisfies all of your needs about server resources, an operational operating system, and other features. Proceed to the following stage once you’ve selected the appropriate program.

  • Adding a VPS package to your cart:

Select the VPS program you want to use from the list by clicking on it, then go over its whole details. Double-click the “Add to Cart” button to place your order if the package meets your needs.

  •  Confirm and Finalize your purchase:

You will be directed to the shopping cart page after adding your preferred VPS program to your cart. Now, you can review the items of purchase in your cart, which consist of the selected VPS plan, its expenditure, and any related discounts. If everything looks complete, click on the “Checkout” button to move ahead.

  • Provision of billing info:

The Billing information page, which you will arrive immediately after finishing the checkout method, contains your email address, name, and other data that VPS providers require. In any case, continue to the following stage after cautiously finishing up the important fields.

  •  Choose crypto currency as the Payment method:

Once you have given your billing information, you will move to the payment section. Here, you can select your desired crypto currency as the payment method. The top-quality hosting providers take many different crypto currencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). Thus, pick the crypto currency you want to use for your transaction. 

  • Make an Invoice:
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After you pick your crypto currency, the hosting provider’s website will give you an invoice for your purchase. Therefore, this invoice will provide you an unparalleled wallet address and a complete amount of crypto currency required to settle the transaction.

  •  Make Payment:

To settle on the payment, open your crypto currency wallet and commence a transfer to the wallet address provided in the invoice. Make sure that you have acknowledged a perfect wallet address and double-check the transferral amount of crypto currency. Mostly, Crypto currency transactions are irreversible, so think before making a purchase. 

  • Verify the Payment:

Once you have started the transfer, it might take some time for the transaction to be verified on the blockchain network. However, hosting providers will control the blockchain for inbound transactions and will consequently upgrade your order status.

  •  Obtain VPS Account Details:

After your payment details are confirmed, the hosting provider will forward your order. You will then receive an email with your VPS account information. This information includes the server IP address, login certification, and any extra information necessary to access and administer your VPS.


The capacity to buy VPS with crypto gives an innovative solution for ventures and people alike in a world where digital security and protection are crucial. Moreover, some of the best VPS hosting providers offer this option, offering their clients a safe, professional, and varied hosting solution. Then why wait? Find out about a variety of VPS hosting plans and begin your journey with the one that fits you best!