30 Best Fonts for Websites in 2024

Typography has and it still continues to remain a crucial component of web design. However, with so many options of fonts for web design it might become a little overwhelming to select the right font for your website. 

Don’t Worry! 

Our team of experienced and professional web designers in Dubai have curated a list of the top 30 best fonts for websites that could help businesses establish a unique typography, one that resonates with their brand identity. 

Without further ado, let’s explore the best fonts for website design in 2024. 

Best Fonts for Web Design In 2024 

  1. Venice Blvd 

Designers Jen Hood and Amy Hood from Hoodzpa were added to the font library in Adobe Fonts. The library has many beautiful fonts, but Venice Blvd is definitely a font worth having. It has a fantastic list of typefaces (it even has some free fonts!). with 4 different italics, different weights, and loads of symbols –the retro font is the perfect choice for a website that wants to give you a nostalgic feel. 

  1. FF Kava 

During support for @font-face, Kaffeesatz was released and became popular. This font became popular among web designers. Afterward, this popularity was brought to Yanone (creator) of FontShop FSI, who commissioned him to produce a professional font version of this typeface.

  1. Times New Roman

There is nothing new about Times New Roman; it maintains its timeless charm because of readability and use in diverse websites by various web design agencies. The one thing that makes people choose Times New Roman is its familiar appearance.

  1. Bree

This is also among the top HTML fonts because of its sleek lines and friendly appearance. It can work wonderfully for both body and headers. If you want to add a touch of modernity, Bree is the font you want.

  1. Helvetica 

The award for being the most versatile and one of the most popular fonts for web design because it is simply outstanding. It is neutral and a part of sans-serif fonts. So, you can use it in literally any scenario and design. It also gives the whole page a minimalistic and elegant look.

  1. Lato

Yet another versatile professional font. Lato is from the sans-serif category and gives your website a look of simplicity and elegance. It can make reading easy across all devices and can attract a wider variety of audiences.

  1. Arial 

A global phenomenon called Arial is used almost everywhere. The straightforward appearance of this HTML font makes it a perfect choice for web designs. Arial makes communication easier. 

  1. Museo Slab 
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With its bold serifs and modern look, Museo Slab adds a touch of sophistication to web typography, making it perfect for headlines and branding part of your website.

  1. Clarendon 

Hermann Eidenbenz redrew this typeface to include amazing widths and weights to it. Adobe offers it as one of its web font designs. Clarendon is known for its timeless and bold look. It brings attention to the content of the website.

  1. FF Unit Slab

The slab serif designed by Erik Spiekermann is from the Unit family, which is like Meta’s elder sister. Combining the boldness of a slab serif with contemporary design elements, the FF Unit Slab offers legibility, making it an excellent choice for web interfaces and editorial layouts.

  1. Beanco 

The playful vibe of Beanco gives the whole website a touch of quirkiness. Our web design company in Dubai suggests its clients use this font in web design when they have funky products or services (like a balloon company).

  1. Classy Vogue 

Staring elegance and refinement, Classy Vogue radiates sophistication as a web font, ideal for fashion blogs, luxurious brands, and classy layouts.

  1. Larken Serif

Combining classic serifs with a modern twist, Larken Serif brings a timeless yet contemporary feel to web typography; this professional font makes readability a breeze on all digital platforms.

  1. Acme Gothic 

Bold and impactful, by Mark Simonson –Acme Gothic is based on thick and thin gothic lettering. There are 25 different styles with 5 widths and weights. Bold and impactful, Acme Gothic makes a statement on the web with its strong, condensed letterforms.

  1. Shuttleblock

With its futuristic aesthetic and geometric look, Shuttleblock adds a touch of sci-fi flair to web typography, which is ideal for tech-focused websites and future-related themes.

  1. Family

A versatile and neutral sans-serif HTML font, Family offers clarity and readability for web content, making it suitable for a wide range of apps, from websites to simple presentations.

  1. Roboto

Roboto is the top choice for web developers regarding blogging websites. This font design has curves and geometric inclinations that make reading easy for the audience without straining the eyes. Since it is so welcoming, it is the ideal choice for blogs and E-news pages. It is also amongst the most popular fonts amongst WordPress developers in Dubai, and is often utilized in titles. Roboto pairs well with other font types like Lora, and Space Mono. 

  1. Oxygen 
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This professional font was initially developed for the KDE Linux project, but then it became popular in web development. Oxygen has a straightforward look, but its subtle beauty is unmatched by any other font. It is perfect for websites that are optimized for various devices.

  1. Playfair Display

If you are looking for a font to use for your transitional website, like blogs, Playfair Display is the font for you. It focuses on contrasting capital and small words, making it unique and worth using. 

  1. Droid Sans 

You can call Droid Sans a modern version of Family. Ascender’s director, Steve Matterson, designed this font. Droid Sans offers excellent readability and versatility for web interfaces, making it suitable for both body text and headings.

  1. Georgia 

With its classic serif design optimized for screen readability, Georgia remains a popular choice of fonts for web design. It might be hard to believe, but Georgia really is the user’s favorite when it comes to websites.

  1. Lazer 84

Inspired by retro aesthetics, Lazer 84 brings a nostalgic vibe to web design with its bold strokes and futuristic flair. However, it looks good only with headings and bold statements. If you are looking for something different and with an 80s theme, then Lazer 84 is a fun and quirky font.

  1. Verdana 

Designed for clarity and legibility on all screens, Verdana is a popular sans-serif font for web design, known for its clean lines and easy readability even at small sizes.

  1. Baskerville

Baskerville is a timeless serif font with elegant proportions and high contrast and adds a touch of sophistication to the whole website look.

  1. Andale Mono

This monospaced font helps you to optimize your website because of its evenly spaced letters. The quality of the text is all because of this feature. Apple Inc. and IBM developed this sans-serif font design because they used it in software development. 

  1. Montserrat 

The posters and signs from around Buenos Aires inspired this font, which inspired the name of this HTML font. This sans-serif font has a modern geometric aesthetic. Montserrat is widely used in web design for its clean lines, legibility, and font weights and styles.

  1. Bison

Bison, created by Ellen Luff in 2018 with its bold letterforms and vintage-inspired charm, adds a touch of retro flair to web typography. It is clean and readable even with the thinnest weight option. 

  1. Tahoma 

Designed for optimal readability on screens, Tahoma is a sans-serif font known for its clear letterforms and space-saving proportions. It is also a family member of ‘Family.’

  1. EXO2
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Sleek and futuristic, EXO2 is a geometric sans-serif font that brings a contemporary edge to web design. It contains nine weights and true italics. 

  1. Raleway

This font is inspired by Orbitron, which can be seen from its practicality, sharpness, and grotesque style. A modern and elegant sans-serif font, Raleway features a stylish letterforms design and a wide range of weights, making it suitable for various uses.

Final Word

Whenever you think about choosing a font for your website or mobile, the first thing to consider is readability, this means that whatever your web or app is about, its typography should be clearly perceivable by the audience on across all platforms and devices. 

The choice of font really makes or breaks a company’s reputation and brand identity. For example, if you are a tech company that targets the future but uses Lazer 84, there will be a clash between its goal and the outlook. However, if you use Montserrat for your tech company, then it will complement your goals. 

Selecting the best font type for website or app will not just aiding in improving the cohesiveness of your website, but it will eventually completely your business and help build a stringent brand image and brand identify. 


  • What are web fonts?

Web fonts are the fonts in which words are displayed on your website. They are specifically optimized for use on websites and other platforms. 

  • What is the best font for the website in 2024?

The best font for a website in 2024 can vary depending on the design aesthetic, brand identity, and target audience of the website. You can choose one of the fonts that we mentioned, as they are one of the best of 2024.

  • What is the most attractive font for a website?

The most attractive font depends on the context and content of the website. Fonts like Playfair Display, Roboto, Lato, and Raleway are often considered attractive (in all fields) due to their elegance, readability, and versatility.

  • Which font is best for web applications?

It depends on the purpose of web application and the product or services you offer. Generally, you can use Montserrat, Open Sans, Times New, Roman and Oxygen, which are used by web design companies on all web applications.