Augmented Reality Lightsabers: The Next Best Thing?

Dare I say, there would have been no tangible lightsaber building without the Star Wars Jedi fans! 

Star Wars Engineering fans are crazier about lightsabers than they are about the Jedi traditions, unexplored light side, and military politics. 

The pressure to build a real-life plasma lightsaber to please space fanatics has been unnerving. Augmented Reality lightsabers have been a relief for the lightsaber producers. More than that, virtual lightsabers have surpassed our digital and imagery expectations.

AR lightsabers have brought a unique twist to the Star Wars movie, gaming, and cosplaying world. Maybe, George Lucas’s dream of viewing a functional lightsaber will see galaxy days faster than any of us could have anticipated!

However, as with everything, we are waiting for the other shoe, or rather kyber crystal, to drop. Will Augmented Reality Lightsabers be the next big thing? 

Lenovo: The First Step

The first official AR lightsaber was introduced by Lenovo in 2017. Lenovo introduced a game Jedi Challenges that came with the AR kit packaging all the virtual gaming essentials. The augmented set consisted of a headset called Mirage that was connectable to the phones via the lightsaber app. 

It was a big thing for the fans. Apart from the excitement of trying something new. The gamers enjoyed the hyperrealistic 3D view, sound effects, and gaming modes. 

All you had to do was log in to your Jedi challenge app. Pop on the Mirage headset, turn on the game mode, grab hold of the controller, and start dueling. The controller replicas were a surprise twist because of the featured designs from Anakin (The Force Awakens), Darth Vader (The Phantom Menace), and more!

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However, over time there were problems with the connectivity, game features, character building, and the production of the game scenes. Later the app was deleted and the copyrights were withdrawn by Lenovo. 

Yet the release proved to be beneficial in the long run. It ignited the idea of the possibility of advanced virtual lightsabers that could be better than the real ones. Also, more realistic and attainable!

Better Experience or Not?

Today augmented reality has seen far more improvements. The real attractive feature of augmented reality is its engagement with human sensations. The immersive experience is so realistic that you genuinely feel like you are playing in the real arid dunes of Tatooine holding a real-life-sized lightsaber

Not only that it is also sensitive and follows suit to your movements. If you move a prop the virtual picture will follow in no time. Imagine dueling with a friend in such a creative environment. This would give you a blast experience and an unbeatable mystic satisfaction!

AR Accessibility 

Augmented Reality devices are accessible and affordable. Unlike the unrealistic prices of exclusive lightsabers AR lightsabers give you a better experience in less. 

Plus the virtual lightsabers have a virtual working process. The only thing you will be going out of the way for is downloading or buying the app and devices. Once they are here you can enjoy all sorts of Jedi games without worry of updates!

AR Customization 

Customization and personalization options for Augmented Reality lightsabers are endless. Like any MVP game, the lightsabers can be constructed with your choice of colors and materials. Moreover, you can choose between different replicas and lightsaber types. Compared to that, customization of a real lightsaber is quite expensive and at times inconvenient. 

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Customization at a high level brings immense joy that keeps you motivated at each chapter in online Jedi games.  The dueling experience is incomparable but so are the advanced game modes which you cannot enjoy in real life!

What Does The Future Hold?

The bright future of Augmented Reality Lightsabers has the Star Wars weaponry enthusiasts excited. There are limitations to this kind of technology also. However, they pale in comparison to the challenges of building plasma lightsabers. 

As the technology is advancing so will the AR lightsabers. Fans are sure that the silver lining will eventually faze out and the full-blast AR lightsaber encounter will be better than expected. 

The promised improvement in hardware, as well as the software features, will unleash a battlefield no combat expert would have imagined. Let’s see!


Augmented Reality lightsabers are by far a fair play compared to the heavily priced advanced lightsabers. However, there are challenges. The future development has erased the worries of virtual lightsaber fans. 

The prospect of unlimited customization options has Jedi younglings and older noble warriors on board!