Aorkuler Pet Tracker: A Smart Choice Beyond Dog Microchip?

Pets are our faithful companions, they are no longer simply animals, but our family members. However, in the busy life, they sometimes get lost accidentally. This causes great anxiety and searching difficulties for pet owners. Although microchips with RFID technology provide a certain degree of security for pet safety, it does not help pet owners retrieve their pets in time.

The Aorkuler pet tracker is a better solution to the problem of lost pets than the microchip with RFID technology. This pet tracker has a real-time tracking function. After losing their pets, pet owners can use the Aorkuler pet tracker to find their location in time.

Read this article to learn more about the difference between RFID microchips and Aorkuler pet tracker.

Microchip with RFID Technology

A pet microchip is a small RFID implant that contains a unique identification number. When a pet microchip scanner scans the microchip implanted in your dog’s body, it sends out an RF signal. This activates the chip and allows the scanner to retrieve the ID number.

It’s compact, encased in a glass cylinder, and resembles a grain of rice. It has no batteries, so it doesn’t need to be recharged by the pet owner.

RFID implantable microchips are designed to record information about the pet and its owner. Some microchips can also record the pet’s medical records and so on. When a pet gets lost, if someone takes it to a veterinarian or an animal shelter, then they can contact the owner based on the information they get from scanning the microchip.

After implanting the microchip with RFID technology in the pet, the pet owner should not forget to register the pet’s microchip and register the information.

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However, it does not have GPS to locate the pet’s location information. It does not help the pet owner to find the lost pet in time. It relies on someone encountering the pet and taking the pet for a microchip scan, both of which are required or the pet owner will have a hard time retrieving the pet.

Aorkuler Pet Tracker

But Aorkuler pet tracker contains GPS. It can track the pet in real-time and transmit the location information to the controller. Pet owners can check the direction of their pets through the controller’s screen.

Aorkuler pet tracker is made up of GPS and radio technology. It does not require the use of a cellular network. It can still locate the pet’s position even if the pet is unfortunately lost in a rural or suburban area.

The Aorkuler pet tracker is available at no additional cost after purchase. Unlike pet trackers that use cellular networks, Aorkuler pet tracker has no monthly subscription fees.

The Aorkuler pet tracker uses a controller to view your pet’s location. It does not require downloading a cell phone app, which protects the user’s private data. Crooks cannot steal the user’s private data through wireless technology. And using the controller reduces the amount of phone memory it takes up.

Aorkuler pet tracker is small. It is very suitable for wearing for dogs. It will not bring a weight burden to your pet’s daily life.

Aorkuler pet tracker has sound and flash functions. Users can utilize these two functions to quickly find pets in the vicinity.

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Aorkuler pettracker is offering an upgrade deal. Every 1-2 years, Aorkuler releases an upgraded new product, and those who have purchased an older version can take advantage of a great discount on the new product. This is a kind of investment protection for the currentcustomers.


In fact, microchips and GPS trackers don’t conflict with each other, but rather complement each other, and they’re both a solution for enhancing your dog’s safety in different situations.

A microchip is a bit like carrying around an ID and making sure your furry child doesn’t lose it; an Aorkuler GPS tracker is more like adding an invisible leash to your furry child that doesn’t require a cellular network.